Staying Put

my houseFor now our move is off. We went and saw a few more apartments yesterday but we just can’t find something that fits our needs so for now we are going to stay where we are. We have decided to work with our landlady and she is going to clean up the house and re-insulate so that we can stay until we are ready to go. In the meantime my mum is pressuring us to move to Florida and be close to them. I’m considering it. Living close to my family would not only do me a world of good but it would give me many options as far as working if I decided to work outside of the house. Seriously I would work at Disney in a heartbeat. I think Disney truly is the happiest place on Earth and working there would make me smile. For now though we are staying here. Well Buzz is. Me? I’m headed down to Florida to spend two to four weeks with my parents, brothers and Nana who is finally getting here after that darn volcano has stopped erupting. When I get back the house will be a whole new place. There’s nothing like coming home, refreshed with a tan, to a new home. It may not be brand new but I certainly look forward to new carpet, a fixed up ceiling, a floor in the bathroom and some insulation!

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2 Responses to “Staying Put”

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    Queen Bee says:

    On the contrary… coming home refreshed and renewed to a newly refurb’ed house *will* be like coming home to a new place! I’m excited for you, although I’ll miss you while you are in Florida, but I know you must be so excited to see your nana!

    • Amy says:

      I am so excited for the break from real life lol. I am sure if I stay a while you will be visiting me 😀

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