Sunday Bloody Sunday

LaundryAs a child I dreaded Sunday because it meant school was about to impose another week of tortured learning upon me. I was never a kid that liked school, I just didn’t fit in with most of the kids and found it difficult to look forward to what turned in to a week of isolation for the most part. Now that I’m older and less fearful of not fitting in with the cool kids Sunday means one thing – laundry. It’s not that I really hate laundry day, I love having clean clothes to wear and I love the smell of the house as the laundry detergent takes over every particle of the air. I do, however, hate our washer and dryer. Our little stackable washer and dryer that sits it a closet at the top of the stairs. A stackable washer and dryer that has lost half of the knobs needed to turn it on and so sits with a pair of adjustable pliers on top so that we can turn the thing on. A dryer that takes at least four 90 minute cycles to dry one load of laundry. It makes laundry day a pain in the ass. On a positive note, I don’t iron. I always make sure to grab those clothes out as soon as they are dry and hang them up so the need for ironing is minimal if at all. Thank God for small graces!

When I “grow up” I’m going to get the best damn washer and dryer you have ever seen.

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One Response to “Sunday Bloody Sunday”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Have your landlord, local handyman, or super tall friend on stilts check the dryer vent. My dryer started doing the same thing and I was very upset that it was broken. Turns out my vent was CLOGGED on the outside!! The warm humidity couldn’t escape and thus my clothes couldn’t dry. I hope that helps!
    .-= Queen Bee´s last blog ..Happiness =-.

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