Sundays Are For…

quicheSunday’s are for all the things you needed to do throughout the week yet managed to put off. Things like baking a healthy quiche to encourage eating at home rather than grabbing a quick lunch while you’re out. Things like doing the heap of laundry that has been piling up for the last week and a half. Things like a Monday Mingle that would get lost in the chaos of a Monday but most of all things like the past three days of work you’ve been putting off because you “deserved a break”.

Many years ago when I embarked upon my weight loss journey I began with the Body For Life program and it worked. Not only did it work but the food was nutritious and tasty. Too bad for me I didn’t stick with it and ballooned another 30lbs before getting my ass in gear with a Weight Watchers plan and then simply keeping track of what I put in my mouth on a daily basis. Regardless of the fact that I abandoned the Body For Life Program (which is now a completely different program because it was sold out to a big corporation), there are a few of the recipes that continue to be favorites around here and the turkey bacon quiche is one of them. It’s been years since I made it but when Buzz suggested we try it the other day I went hunting for the recipe and lo and behold, I found it. Give it a whirl, it might not look great but it tastes amazing and is GREAT for you!

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