Talking About Hot!

sweatingRemember yesterday when I was telling you how unbelievably hot it was here? Well I think I jinxed myself. Actually it started the night before last but I was pretty sure that I was dreaming at the time. As I woke up throughout the night I would hear the bang of the AC right before it turns on but it was preceded by the sound of…nothing. I made a sleepy mental note to tell Mum in the morning. However, morning came and I was sure that I had been dreaming so I thought nothing of it, only mentioning in passing that I had dreamed about the air conditioning unit. This was mistake #1. By yesterday afternoon the temperature was rising. We called my dad to ask how to defrost the unit but as he walked me step by step through taking the unit apart we found no ice…turn it off dad said and leave it for a while. Call back at 8:45pm. This was mistake #2, had we called the repair men when we suspected something it would have been a much more pleasant night. At 9pm we resolved to pile in to the car and head to Walmart to pick up a few fans to stay cool. Inside the house it was 87 degrees.

The fans seemed to only stir up the warm and muggy air throughout the house and leave us sticky and unable to sleep. Nana somehow found sleep in her room with the fan on but at 1am mum and I found ourselves sitting outside enjoying what cool breeze we could get and chatting. The usual ream of motherly questions: Why don’t you move down here? Are you ever going to have children? Can you afford to vacation with us to the Caribbean? What do you want to do with your life? As if I wasn’t exhausted enough already…I fielded these questions without lifting my eyes from my book with the simplest answers I could find and told her to just relax and enjoy the breeze. At 2:30am we headed back inside to attempt a few hours of sleep. The house resembled a house of ill repute throughout the night with people stalking around, fetching more glasses of water or heading to the bathroom to evacuate some of the gallons of water we’d all been drinking throughout the night. We managed some sleep but thank God the repair man is coming today!

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