Tarsier Fun

tarsierI am “cursed” with the crying laughter of the clinically insane, I’m not talking a snort and a giggle or a chortle or even a cackle…okay my mom would disagree with that one but in general I laugh until tears are streaming down my face, my makeup resembles a clown’s and I can’t get my breath. The thing about my maniacle laughter is that it isn’t a one time deal, once I find something that makes me laugh it continues to make me laugh and this video is one of those things.

Let me preface the video by telling you why this particular footage came to mind today. I found this video months ago and I must have watched it ten times in a row, each time crying and clutching my sides with laughter and today I thought of this cute little tarsier because as I looked in to the mirror I saw him staring back at me, you see today I had my eyes dilated by the single hottest optometrist I have ever seen. Before I elaborate here is the video that should leave you at least chuckling and if not, well shame on you:

Now, when you’ve composed yourselves I will elaborate on the optometry visit. I have worn glasses to assist in reading and night driving for years but it has been a little over two years since I last had my eyes checked and being that I have noticed my vision steadily getting worse I decided it was time to go and get some new glasses (at least a prescription, the glasses will come from Zenni Optical for $8). I wasn’t phased about the whole process really since eye doctors don’t bother me in the least but when the cutest doctor I have seen in a long time came walking out of the back the panic ensued. I would like to say that I did a good job of keeping my composure but I’m afraid that the sweating palms and the mascara that was streaming down my face following having my eyes dilated really threw me off my game. No, it’s not that I’m looking to trade Buzz in (ask me again in a few years) but I can certainly appreciate a gorgeous man when he crosses my path. The rest of the visit was fairly unnoteworthy to be honest…in fact the only real reason for sharing was the hot doctor and to spread the word about Zenni Optical…okay but mostly the hot doctor.

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2 Responses to “Tarsier Fun”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Wait until you get your glasses from Zenni. You’ll be shouting the message from the rooftop — they are great and super cheap! I should go order more just for fun! I LOVE THEM and imagine I will continue to order my glasses there for the rest of my life.

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