The After Birthday Cleanup

David GrayThe concert on Friday night was absolutely unbelievable. I was in love with David Gray before we went to see him live and now, well now I am swept away by that absolutely amazing voice because, well, is there anything better than a man who can sing? I think not. If you ever get the chance to see David Gray in concert do it, do it without hesitation because it will be one of the best concerts that you have ever seen.

Yesterday’s lunch was nice. Good food and a nice lunch with friends punctuated by the humor of Princess Bee who decided she was going to have a hissy fit and put on her pouty face which drew the attention of the people sitting besides us. There is nothing funnier than a child who wants so desperately to be angry but has no idea why she is angry nor what to do about it. Lunch was followed by cupcakes. Delicious, sticky, gooey, fattening, moist cupcakes. I had a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing – an oldie but goody.

Now that I am embarking on my 29th year I have decided that my long awaited redesign will be coming sooner rather than later and with it will come a list of my “to do’s” before I turn 30 next year. This is my year and I am going to share each step with you guys on a newly formatted blog. Just bear with me while I juggle my many roles and attempt to reformat my WordPress theme to something a little more me.

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