The Almost Shooting, Christmas and Cavities

bellsI rarely do jumbled bits and pieces posts because, well I am just that organized that the thought of throwing random and unrelated thoughts down in to one post is just enough to leave my eyes twitching but today I have a few random things to share and just don’t feel up to writing three mini posts to do so. That said I almost…very almost saw a lady get shot today. Okay, maybe not but I would most certainly have understood should Mr Policeman decided to shoot her on a split second instinct. You see as we sat in Subway today (do you see a trend in lunch habits yet?) a lady came in with her elderly mother. Sitting her mother down she got in line and was making a very lengthy process of ordering their food. Behind said lady was a police officer completely decked out in his blues and his hand resting ever so slightly around his gun – a habit which you will observe in most weapon carrying officers. Lady finally finishes ordering her sandwiches and turning around seemingly out of the blue she confronts Mr Policeman with a louder than it should be “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU GUYS DO”. Now it’s not that she suddenly turned, or that she spoke at tones that a ninety year old deaf woman could have heard from across the room but more-so it was the fact that as she said this she put her hand on Mr Policeman’s hand. Not the hand that swung freely by his side but instead the hand that was sitting firmly on his trusty firearm. Shocked and stunned the officer didn’t reply but the look on his face was enough to let those of us who had seen events unfold know that a) he was seconds from at least slapping said woman to maintain possession of his firearm and b) he very likely soiled his pants in realization that he almost shot a crazy woman in front of not only her elderly mother but an entire packed at lunchtime Subway as well.

On a not so exciting note I had a dental appointment yesterday. Being English and having the expectation of bad teeth laid upon me by stereotype I went in fully expecting more cavities. I had one. One cavity and one chipped filling, both of which will be fixed after I return after New Year because quite honestly without insurance I just can’t afford the expense before Christmas. I am not proud of the fact that I have so many fillings but it tickles me everytime my x-rays show up on the TV over the chair (my dentist has TV’s so you can watch movies while you are getting your teeth cleaned or in my case filled) because my mouth somewhat resembles a greytoned Christmas tree. I am glad that for the most part my fillings are white but my teeth are still marred by a few gray fillings which almost certainly contain trace amounts of mercury – that said I do not yet have any super mercury emitting powers with which to take over the world.

Finally, I finally started playing Christmas music. I LOVE Christmas music, it leaves me smiling, singing and happy and on a cold day like today with a bank account very far from brimming, and a serious lack of giftage for Christmas I will take all the happy I can get and build upon it. Now come on and sing with me…Santa Baby I want a yacht and really, that’s not a lot…

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