The Ants Have Landed!

Amy's Ants

My ants for my ant farm finally arrived today and while I have been extremely impatient in waiting for them to get here I admit to a slight panic when they finally did. Even though my ant farm has been set up and waiting for them for a while now I just wasn’t too sure about the little creatures when I pulled those test tubes out of the envelope and eyed the redish insects. What if they escaped? What if they all bit me? Worse, what if I was allergic to them? I opened the text tubes and dumped my new little creatures in to the ant farm, fishing out the dead ones as I went. As soon as I realized that the little guys couldn’t climb out of their habitat I was a lot more at ease and my sudden thoughts of waking up being covered in ants faded. Now I’m sitting here working and watching the little guys climbing all over each other trying to get to the water dish and carrying grains of sugar sand back and forth to the individual tunnels. They are pretty fascinating, I just can’t wait for them to start building their tunnels!

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    OK, I thought I had heard incorrectly on your vlog but now I see I didn’t. Is this the first time you have the ant farm? It sounds interesting.
    .-= Yoly – YNR Live´s last blog ..From Yoly’s Kitchen- End of Summer Salad =-.

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