The Beach in Non-traditional Pictures


It is particularly hard to take a picture of the GPS telling you to turn left on to Chicken Road when you are laughing so hard you have tears streaming down your face.


The obligatory feet in the sand picture from Saturday’s venture out to the beach. There shall be no posting of the bathing suit pictures.


A bullet style camper with a smart car in tow, I’m not sure why this was so picture worthy but it was definitely giggle worthy…there were much more giggle worthy findings inside the Walmart though to be honest.


A van we ran across while grabbing lunch on Saturday, it seemed only to be missing the “Free Candy Inside” scrawled across the side…we didn’t hang around to find out about the possibility¬† of free candy.


I’m not sure what was with all the vehicle pictures to be honest but I had to snap a picture of the Cadillac which had Cadillac written across it that we spotted on the way to grabbing an early afternoon coffee.


Back at home last night Jet makes his contentment with his mom being home and having a new stuffed toy known.

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