The Difficult Decisions

Construction Hard HatSometimes in our lives we have to make decisions that we are unsure about. The trouble with being indecisive by nature is that there is a tendency to turn to others for assistance in making those decisions. Some decisions, however, only you know the answer to, and those are the hardest ones to make. They are hard because despite knowing that you are the only one who can decide the final fate, there is still a desperate attempt to get someone else to tell you the answer. I have and always will be indecisive. Sure I can occasionally decide what I want for lunch or what I’m cooking for dinner but much more than that and I get nervous – what if I pick the wrong door? I have a tendency to “Alice” my way through life – I give very good advice but I very seldom follow it, and my life now comes to a point where I have to start making big decisions all by myself and following my own advice. I tell you what, it scares the hell out of me.

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3 Responses to “The Difficult Decisions”

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    This is true for me too, but the feeling of andrenaline that happens at the decision making moment is priceless and then we hope we made the right choice.

    Here’s to you weighing the pros and cons and continuing into choosing.
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    Queen Bee says:

    Proof you are human (((hugs)))

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