The Eagle Has Landed

bootsWell I have been on a search for the perfect pair of knee high boots for quite some time, not only because they are cute, the latest must have for any woman’s wardrobe or because they go with just about anything but because I don’t particularly wear skirts. I never have been a skirt of dress wearer but I want so desperately to be one with the reinvention of me and so I went on the search for a pair of perfect knee high boots. I have spent weeks trekking through my favorite discount stores looking for the perfect boots but each pair I tried on had its own fault whether it was that they were too narrow, too tall or too flat I simply couldn’t find them. I ended up at Famous Footwear by sheer coincidence a few weeks ago when we took a trip out to a local mall – incidentally this Famous Footwear store had the most AMAZING customer service (thanks AJ!) as opposed to the horrendous customer service I received through online shopping. While we walked around the store I found the Aerosoles Journalist boots that I had been looking at online (see pictured above) and tried them on. The fit was perfect but the price was more than I wanted to pay even at the $49.99 sale price. I left them in the store and ended up spending the following week and a half searching for the same boots at a better price – I would have saved a lot of time had I just purchased them in the first place. Well today I found myself back at Famous Footwear with my mom and brother B’s girlfriend and brother B’s girlfriend found a pair of boots that she loved which meant that together we could buy one get one pair 50% off! Sure when you split the 50% off between the two of us we only saved $12.50 each but that made my coveted boots $37.50 which made a huge difference for me. Join me in welcoming my newest shoes to the closet!

The boots will be paired with leggings and a nice dress of skirt and top for any potential interviews by admissions boards. I am sincerely hoping that Layers Clothing gets their store back up following their November fire so that I can pick up the Francesca dress because it is absolutely PERFECT.

Speaking of grad school, no word yet but it’s still a little early – 6 to go!

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