The Eternal Optimist

happyfaceThere are some days that keeping a smile on your face is the only thing that keeps the sun shining. You wouldn’t believe it unless you knew it for yourself but I’m telling you it’s true. Many, many years ago I was one of those little blue guys you see to the left, I would find the worst in just about anything because, after all, who could be so happy in such a terrible world? It wasn’t until my eternal optimist of a grandfather passed away that I realized the difference a smile could make.

When my grandad died I sobbed until I felt that my heart would never again be whole and my eyes would forever be swollen but as I began to heal I filled my heart little by little with the things that I missed the most about Charlie. The biggest change I made was the adoption of his optimism. At first it seemed hard to smile when I didn’t want to but after a while of forcing that smile it started to come naturally.

After a while that smile will come to your face without a second thought and you will start to notice that things are going your way a little more than they did when you scowled at everything you saw. A smile will attract new friends. A smile will brighten the lives of strangers. A smile will draw luck, love, light and laughter your way. It’s easy to see the negative in having not more than $10 in your pocket but try thinking of the man who has not $1 in his and things won’t seem so bad afterall.

Every single day above ground is a good one so go out and seize it while you have the chance.

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2 Responses to “The Eternal Optimist”

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    It is very true. It’s like you take the words from my heart. I was a little blue person too and I had to teach myself to smile. It was weird. I’m still teaching myself to do this. It’s lovely.

    There’s a pull to smiles.

    I’m so glad you shared. The best of your grandfather is in your heart. *HUGS*
    .-= JamericanSpice´s last blog ..WW: It’s art and it’s beautiful! =-.

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