The Great Toothpaste Mystery

ToothpasteQuite a few years ago now I found myself facing a toothpaste allergy of all things. According to the minimal information I can find on toothpaste allergies they are not common and they vary widely on the particular allergen from person to person. Well at the time I discovered that Mentadent toothpaste was my savior and whatever my particular allergen was it was not present in Mentadent whitening toothpaste (even though the one pictured to the right is the baking soda variety of Mentadent). So I took it and ran with it. Over the years I have tried various other toothpastes ‘just to see’ and undoubtedly even the ones formulated for children caused my unGodly reaction. So what exactly does a toothpaste allergy do? Well besides a slight burning sensation when brushing I have to wait until morning to determine if I have an allergic reaction. Said reaction involves my mouth sloughing off tissue throughout the night so upon waking up I find myself with a nice little store of dead cheek tissue between my gum and my cheek. If said allergen is present in mass quantities I also develop mouth ulcers (canker sores) all over my mouth, cheeks and tongue. So you can imagine my horror when I was forced to buy Oral-B toothpaste when Target was out of stock of my dear friend Mentadent. So it is with a sore mouth that I write to you this morning and add Oral-B Stages (Princess) toothpaste to the list of Aquafresh, Colgate and Crest. I have yet to try Tom’s but being an all natural toothpaste theirs tends to come in weird flavors like ‘ginger’ so I have a feeling I’ll be skipping that one instead.

So what is my dreaded allergen? I have absolutely no clue! I have attempted some detective work to compare ingredients and I have yet to find one ingredient present in all of the offending toothpastes and not present in my Mentadent toothpaste. So, the detective work continues, any ideas?

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