Things That Make You Go…Oh Dear

sickpumpkinIf you are ever looking for something that will make you lose your appetite completely and I mean COMPLETELY, try cleaning out a deep fryer that has the remnants of oil from two years ago. Hell, any deep fryer come to think of it. Deep fryers are DISGUSTING.

Many years ago Buzz and I had a temporary roommate (this situation got old fast, particularly with him being the type of guy who took, took, took without ever giving.) This temporary roommate convinced Buzz one Christmas that I would love a deep fryer as a gift – I can see you ladies rolling your eyes now and you men scratching your heads while you try and figure out what is so wrong with this gift choice. BAD gift choice period. Since he gifted it to me it has been used three times in total, this use was by Buzz to make chicken wings – which I hate – guys, starting to get why it’s a bad gift yet? Anyhoo, I wasn’t impressed but I showed that I was grateful for the gift despite the poor choice.

Fast forward quite a few years and I find myself clearing out the things we have taken from house to house as we moved in an attempt to lessen the load when we move again. The next move is a big one, we will be considerably farther away from our “comfort zone” and this means that we will have a lot less room to carry things which are not necessary with us. So, the slim down has begun. Since last week I have been throwing stuff up on Ebay, last week it was a collection of random things that have been sitting around the house with no real purpose – I made a total of about $65 which is great to get our moving fun started. This week it is movies and kitchen appliances – of which we have an unusual amount and no where to put them.

Anyway, back to the deep fryer. For the past two and a half hours I have donned surgical gloves – which ripped by the way – and scrubbed and scrubbed at that thing with rags and Lysol and boiling water until I was blue in the face. The fryer is starting to show signs of promise and the parts which are dishwasher safe are now running through a hot soapy cycle to bring them up nicely. What I can’t run through the dishwasher, however, is my hands. Surgical gloves was a poor choice I admit, they ripped somewhere along the way allowing grease and water to fill my gloves. Once I found out that they had ripped I donned a new pair, this time they didn’t rip but once I stupidly submerged my hands they filled with soapy greasy water which filled my gloves like water balloons and bathed my fingers in nasty grease water until I pulled them off – note to self: NEVER use surgical gloves to clean. So now I am sitting here at my desk and I feel so sick I can’t even describe it. My hands have been steeped in l’arôme de deep fat fryer and I can smell it from all the way back here – my chair as far from my desk as I can reach and my arms thrust as far away as possible. I feel sick and nothing, not lemon juice nor baby powder, will rid me of smelling like I run a chippy.

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4 Responses to “Things That Make You Go…Oh Dear”

  1. 1
    DG says:

    sigh. deep fryers. don’t even get me started.

    Also, I am not sure why. I should probably be offended by the upchucking pumpkin but really it is so funny and it keeps cracking up everytime I glance at it! thanks for the good laugh 🙂

  2. 2
    Michelle says:

    whats your ebay name or ebay store? I’ll take a look at your items.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Handbag Heaven =-.

  3. 3
    yefi says:

    this a petty question but how do you know what to charge on ebay? do you base it on the item’s model year or do you consider other factors?

    • Amy says:

      This time around I added shipping in to the items cost and put that as the minimum I would accept offering free shipping with the deal to make it more appealing. If it’s something important to you I suggest shopping around on Ebay and seeing what it’s going for and going a few dollars under that but if, like my dvd collection, it is something you just need to get rid of then pick a low number to begin and take your chances!

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