Thinking About Home

istock_000005114464xsmallTime has absolutely flown by since I have been here in Florida and now it is only a matter of days until we are headed back home. We were scheduled to drive back to NC on Sunday morning; however, I *think* I have convinced Buzz to let us stay until Tuesday morning instead so that we can be here for my mom’s first day of nursing school. There are many many issues I have with being self employed but that being said I enjoy the freedom of being able to set my own schedule as far as travel.

I will miss my family dearly but I know that going home will bring graduate school decisions and there is a lot more reading for me to get under my belt before I start tackling questions from graduate entrance committees. I have essays and dissertations to read, books to read and research to do and none of these things can be done here while I am giving my family my full attention. I will dearly miss the companionship of my family most certainly but I know that this is the beginning of something huge and something that will be great for me.

I spent last night convincing brother B that when he graduates he should move next door to me, he said that he would contemplate it and for now that’s good enough for me…although I did have to bribe him with presents.

Now excuse me while I veg out from the Florida cold winds and play some video games with my brother.

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