Thinking Positive Thoughts

prayI am not a particularly religious woman, I have my God and I pray to him but I am not a fanatic. I don’t believe that I must prove myself to Him in church every Sunday, I do not believe it is my job to recruit others to believe in Him too and I certainly don’t believe in persecuting others who don’t believe in the very same God as I do. Today, however, I am going to do something I never do, I am going to ask everyone out there who has someone that they pray to to say a prayer for my dad. Before you worry, he is not sick, but he is traveling a rather difficult road.

My dad has always worked hard to provide for his family, working every hour God sends to provide clothing, schooling, food, shelter as well as benefits for all four of his children and my mom. In short the man slaves away in order to make sure that his four children are all well educated and that my mother never has to work with multiple sclerosis. In February of this year my dad was let go from his position as the VP of information technology for a large pharmaceutical company, it was politics and most certainly not a reflection of my dad’s performance but it was what it was. Since February my dad has searched endlessly for employment but being that he is in his mid 50’s now he has received very few offers. To be honest, very few is one, one offer. Without being biased I can tell you that my dad is VERY good at what he does, to say he excels is an understatement and he always strives for the very best but because of his age no one will give him a chance. Not only is being jobless making it difficult to sustain the family (now my younger brothers and mother) but it is also getting increasingly difficult to provide health-care coverage for my mother’s MS.

My dad has a meeting tomorrow, I am not sure what this meeting entails but I am sure that he could use every single prayer you could offer a hard working man who just needs a chance.

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2 Responses to “Thinking Positive Thoughts”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Big prayers said ((hugs)))

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