Topsy Turvey

smoothie kingThere is a nice warm spot on the end of my bed where Jet has spent the afternoon sunning himself. That spot is now keeping my feet nice and toasty warm as I have burrowed myself under the covers with my trusty laptop. One of the advantages of working at home.

I have been making progress with getting my WordPress portfolio together but I have also been making progress with turning my working schedule completely upside down. This morning I didn’t get to bed until almost 5am, waking at just after 11am. I’m not complaining though because I have an enthusiasm for what I’m doing and I just can’t drag myself away from the laptop to get sleep. It is an amazing feeling to work on something that you can’t tear away from not because of obligation but because you are genuinely excited about it.

Today I am running on a Smoothie King mango smoothie and pure will power to stay awake, so far it’s working. Ask me again in a couple of hours and I might tell you differently.

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