Unwinding on a Sunday

chiSometimes you have to learn to laugh at yourself. This morning when I walked down the stairs in my slippers (sans socks), I lost my footing on the third from last step and landed on my knee (as if proposing to Mr. Invisible) on the tile floor at the bottom of the stairs. While it hurt I couldn’t help but burst in to laughter as I knelt there for a minute remembering how hard I had laughed when Buzz surfed down the top three stairs on his back on Friday last week. He snickered when I told him this morning – because apparently I didn’t fall quite loud enough to wake him, and he told me it was karma coming back to bite me. I told him that if that’s the case he’s still owed one from when I fell head first in to the rocks in the river a few years ago and looked up only to see him stifling laughter. I must not have hurt too badly from this mornings little slip though because I still found time to crank up the Mama Mia soundtrack and sing along in to my hairdryer. There’s nothing like a good hairdryer mike session to unwind on a Sunday.

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2 Responses to “Unwinding on a Sunday”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Life is all about learning to laugh at ourselves!! 🙂

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