Visitors In The Floor Boards

squirrelThis weekend as Buzz and I settled on the couch for our Saturday date night something slightly terrifying happened. The movie was playing and although we were both engrossed I heard a noise. I asked Buzz if he heard the noise and he said no but he was sure it was his stomach. I told him that I was pretty sure it wasn’t and made him pause the movie. As we sat there listening he was just about to tell me that he definitely didn’t hear anything when he definitely did hear something. I saw his expression change and he asked me what the hell that noise was. I laughed for a second as the nervous fear set in. Something was scratching on the ceiling, underneath the upstairs floorboards but over the downstairs ceiling. It wasn’t just scratching but it was running around like crazy. Me, watching all too many ghosty shows, well all I could think was poltergeists and Buzz and I’s pact to desert any haunted house we lived in before things got as crazy as they do on those TV shows. Buzz, being a little more level headed ran upstairs to put his ear to the floor to see if he could hear anything. The noise didn’t happen again. After a little research it seems as though we have squirrels between the floorboards. How they got in there is anyone’s guess but if we hear it again we’re calling in the pest control experts and while they’re at it they can check out that haunted attic as well!

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2 Responses to “Visitors In The Floor Boards”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I hope it IS squirrels and not ghosties!!
    .-= Queen Bee´s last blog ..Being Happy on a Monday Should Be a Capital Offense =-.

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