Walking, Walking And More Walking

FeetExercise is something which I occasionally love and occasionally hate but despite what I may tell you it is something that I absolutely need. For the past three days we have gone out as a family and walked three miles together. Yesterday we made the mistake of taking the dogs with us and while the youngest of the three had an amazing time the older two (8 and 10) had a hard time with the distance and by the time we returned home they were completely worn out. The fresh air has been good for me though and the exercise has certainly been needed since I’ve gone to the gym all of three times since arriving here on May 14th. Yesterday we discovered a huge park with three ball fields, a basketball court, a playground, a fountain and plenty of other greenery. Today we discovered a slightly rougher side of town and a completely hidden lake. On one side of the lake were some million dollar homes and on the other were some broken down trailers, it was a strange combination but provided exercise all the same.

In other news and at risk of boring you entirely with today’s post, I have nearly finished reading “The Lovely Bones” and it’s a GREAT book! Next on the Kindle? “How To Sleep Alone In A King Sized Bed.”

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