Welcome Home!

pupI am home, tired from an exhausting, fun weekend but home all the same and ready to tackle another week in the quest for grad school. I was met at the door with Jet’s smiling face and wagging tail that wagged even harder when I pulled out his new Tigger toy that I picked up from the Disney outlet store – yes my 80lb Labrador carries around stuffed toys like a four year old toddler and I LOVE it.

I am still processing the fact that I have actually taken the GRE and not done too badly; however, I am also still trying to find out exactly what my score means. I know that 1250 is acceptable to most of the schools I am looking at and I will have to research more tomorrow to find out exactly what it means in terms of the other schools I am looking at. For tonight though, I am ready to lie down and relax with my furry son by my side.

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