Well…We’re Home

istock_000009552671xsmallSee me to the left…okay so that’s not me obviously but were you a fly on the wall tonight you would see the connection. Mom had already left for her class today when we eventually got the car loaded up and I managed to choke back the tears as I hugged my dad and brother B and his girlfriend goodbye (mom got her hug before she left). Tears didn’t come even as we drove away from the house and my heart already felt heavy as I risked a glance back. Tears didn’t come throughout the ten hour drive, not as I realized that it was getting REALLY cold, not as I listened to my iTouch, not even as I looked back at Jet as he was well in to his pouting session after having to leave mom and dad’s two dogs behind (they both made an effort to jump in to the car with Jet as we packed.) Tears did, however, come and come nonstop as I brought my bags upstairs when we got home. As Buzz called out to me to come and see the Toy Story Alien plush he found in the Disney Store while I was in Florida (Buzz’s infatuation with Toy Story still makes me giggle because it’s so darn cute!) he realized that something was wrong when I didn’t come running in. He came in to the bedroom and found me in a horribly childish pouty lump on the bed and he only had to ask what was wrong and I began to cry again, only managing to get out the words “I miss my mom” before I went back to crying like a baby. I miss them all, I feel so totally isolated despite the fact that Buzz is here with me. I feel lost because I became Anglified while I was in Florida, I went back to being a Brit and coming back here feels like leaving my home country all over again, it feels lonely. I  know that I will adjust again and Buzz made sure to tell me that if I didn’t cheer up that he would take me back to Florida whenever I needed him to, even if it was next week because he can’t have me crying every day (this was said with a chuckle and not meant to be mean.) I’m sure I’ll find myself back in Florida again soon but for now I’ll adjust, as I always do, to being back in the swing of my hum drum life while I await graduate school responses and get back to working on my business full time. Right now, at this very second, however, I will be hitting the hay because all this crying has given me a darn headache.

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2 Responses to “Well…We’re Home”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Maybe every other month in Florida? (((hugs)))

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