Well…What Now?

treeIt has been a while since I announced that I would not be attending graduate school this year and if you’re like I am when reading other people’s blogs you are probably wondering “well what’s she going to do now?” I’ve been thinking about it, and thinking about it some more. Honestly…truly, honestly, I just don’t know. I am and always have been a “jack of all trades” and for now I am happy to run a WordPress design business (which will be coming shortly, I timed it to coincide with a particularly large project for my longterm part time job and found myself with less time than I would have liked) but a WordPress design business is not who I want to be. People keep asking me “if you could do anything at all in life what would it be?” and God’s honest truth I can’t tell you. I like to do this and I like to do that and I’m rather good at the other but picking something that I will be doing day in and day out to pay the bills and hopefully like doing at the same time…it’s just too much pressure.

Queen Bee tells me that perhaps we don’t have to love our jobs, perhaps they are just there to pay the bills so we can do the things we do love in our spare time. Perhaps she’s right. What I do know is this: this year I turn 29, this is my last year in my 20’s and so far this decade has been less than full of promise so this year I am going to try it all. I am going to paint, I am going to bake, I am going to write, I am going to design and more than that: I am going to have fun doing it. So rock on birthday weekend give me all you’ve got because I’m ready!

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