What I Love About My Life

PagesToday I thought that I would take a different approach and list for my, as well as your, benefit some things that I love about my life. I love that I had the chance to have a grandfather who loved me so very much. I love that I have a big family. I love that I have a fur kid who is so well behaved that I can let him out and call him back and he listens to what I ask of him. I love chocolate. I love the moment after I wake up in bed here in Florida and I lay there looking out of the window at the bright blue sky. I love that my best friend loves me despite my faults. I love that I will always have a place to go home to with my family. I love that I met someone who gave me the freedom to choose who I want to be. I love the warmth of sunlight on my skin. I love that I have a desire to travel. I love foreign languages. I love to write fiction. I love black and white movies. I love to read. I love the warmth of bedclothes on my skin on a cold night.

On that note, it is near time for me to slip in to those bed covers and crack open a book. Goodnight all.

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