Monday Mingle: December 7th, 2009


It’s that time of the week again! This week it’s a post-Thanksgiving mingle! If you would like to take part in today’s Monday Mingle hop on over to Jennifer’s blog at Eighty MPH Mom and grab the button and you’re off!

This week’s questions:

1. Tell us FIVE random facts about yourself.
2. Do you wear perfume or cologne? What scent(s)?
3. How many speeding tickets have you gotten in your life?
4. Do you go fishing? Do you like to fish?
5. What reality tv shows do you watch?

Apparently yesterday I couldn’t count so you get extra bonus facts about me 😀

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12 Responses to “Monday Mingle: December 7th, 2009”

  1. 1

    Me too on the American Idol! The auditions are hilarious…
    I think you told us 6 random facts…that’s ok though…
    Where R U from again?(You have a wonderful accent.)

    That sounds like a KEWL book..Gorilla…

    Thanks for joining us…Awesome… I love it when people return…Hope you have a wonderful christmas.
    .-= one cluttered brain´s last blog ..Monday mingle Dec 7, 2009 =-.

  2. 2

    I’m with you…no fish or seafood…ewwww
    oh and check this out
    .-= Not So Average Mama´s last blog ..I Got a Best Blog Award! =-.

  3. 3
    Tara Bucci says: had me cracking up! I wouldn’t have even noticed your lip smack if you didn’t mention it. So funny! Next time I get pulled over (which I hope is never BUT) I am so gonna ask to see the radar #…or whatever you call it :p I am so not a unpackers either!!! It’s so pointless to me UNLESS I’m staying somewhere for a long time. :p

    P.S I LOVE your accent. So adorable 🙂

    See you next Monday!
    .-= Tara Bucci´s last blog ..Monday Mingle Time!!! =-.

    • Amy says:

      I drive myself crazy with that darn lip smacking and eye rolling, I don’t do either in real life conversation so it must be a nervous thing LOL
      As for asking to see the radar, I don’t recommend it, I really pissed off the State Trooper I asked LOL

  4. 4
    karie says:

    ROFL I love King Julian!! I seriously love that cartoon definitely not for kids. HA HA your lip smacking I love it, makes me laugh you can hear your accent strongly with the lip smacking. HA HA

    Wow you are a smarty pants…or the school was just rather greedy. And you don’t eat seafood, I love, live, would have a heart attack with no seafood. I love sushi.

    Everyone seems to love J-Lo and yes Giorgio is very heavy, very very heavy. OMG you had to get an attorney and that story is HYSTERICAL LOL.

    Hot dogs…thats a new one. And so glad I am not alone in the TV department. I agree that the ugliness shines on people in reality TV.
    .-= karie´s last blog ..Where for Art Thou =-.

    • Amy says:

      Karie, I have been sleeping to that darn cartoon every night since Buzz left me down here in FL, I just can’t sleep without the noise and there is no tv *gasp*
      As for lip smacking – check out that eye roll as well, both apparently nervous habits, next week I’m going to botox my face…ok not really.

  5. 5

    The weird thing is, it’s been cold all week and today is HOT!

    I”m usually cold while everyone else is warm too 🙂

    I think I know king Julian! lol I just watched the movie a few weeks ago.

    *giggle* I ‘m watching you trying to figure out what # you are on!

    I made fish tonight! lol

    I totally don’t even notice your lipsmacking! And I will ask to see the radar if..if…if I get pulled over! Did I jinx it???

    I totally love your accent!

    Good to see your lovely face again.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    .-= JamericanSpice´s last blog ..WW: It’s art and it’s beautiful! =-.

  6. 6
    Cheryl says:

    Great mingle! Nice to meet you! I’m with you on the NO seafood. I don’t eat any of that either. I used to watch Survivor too a long time ago. But I stopped. It did get dumb! LOL Happy Monday Mingle! 🙂
    .-= Cheryl´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

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