Monday Mingle – February 8, 2010

monday mingle

It’s Monday again which means only one thing! It’s time for Monday Mingle! If you want to get in on the mingling fun drop by Jen’s blog over at !

This week’s questions courtesy of Jen’s daughter:
1. What would Super Nanny say if she came to your house?
2. On the show Wife Swap/Trading Spouses, they typically pick opposites – what type of spouse would they send to you? (meaning what type of spouse would you really hate having around!)
3. If your spouse (or if someone were to propose to you) what would your ideal proposal be (ie setting, creative)
Also, at some point near the end of the video I must have hit something because I begin talking in slow motion and while it’s oh so funny, I’m pretty sure I don’t normally talk like that 😀

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12 Responses to “Monday Mingle – February 8, 2010”

  1. 1

    Love your accent! Ahh. i could listen to you all day. Glad you are warmer. It stinks to be cold.
    Thanks for mingling again!
    i think a beach proposal might be nice.
    But like you, no one else could be around..I like my privacy. 🙂
    .-= one cluttered brain´s last blog ..Monday Mingle Feb. 8,2010 =-.

  2. 2

    Have faith! Marriage is wonderful 😀

    I love that you DO NOT dress your dog. Way to go! haha

    I never heard slow motion?!
    .-= Priscilla-wheelchair Mommy´s last blog ..First Monday Mingle =-.

    • Amy says:

      😀 I am sure marriage can be wonderful, perhaps one day it will be for me too lol

      I must have just had slow motion on my side for some reason!

  3. 3
    daddybookins says:

    I don’t like Monday’s either! They are always packed with Mayhem and Madness!

    An accessorized dressed up dog = Cruel (even if you don’t like animals!) I sooo wish I had a photo of the one we say the other day….twins!! It was terrible!

    Totally with you, do not like crowds…just in general not a fav. I like the small cafe in France!! Very Cool!! Cheers!

    Peas Out!
    ~daddy b.
    .-= daddybookins´s last blog ..Monday Mingle vlog – Feb 8 – w. Special Guest Appearance =-.

  4. 4

    It say an error occurred so I”ll have to come back and try again. I’ve already refreshed etc.
    .-= JamericanSpice´s last blog ..SADE "Soldier Of Love" CD Giveaway – 3 Winners! =-.

  5. 5
    Badger Momma says:

    Sometime I envy you no kiddie couples. 🙂 Want my kids???? I can lease!

    The dressing the dog up or using him as an accessory made me crack up. 🙂

    I’m for private or semi-private (in my case) proposals too.

    Great to see you again. 🙂

    • Amy says:

      LOL I’m okay without kids for now, too much going on with work to be able to manage more than just myself, even Buzz has to fend for himself these days!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  6. 6

    I’m back and it still not working.
    .-= JamericanSpice´s last blog ..Hamilton Beach Food Processor Giveaway – CSN Stores! =-.

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