Monday Mingle – November 23rd


It’s that time of the week again! This week it’s a pre-Thanksgiving mingle! If you would like to take part in today’s Monday Mingle hop on over to Jennifer’s blog at Eighty MPH Mom and grab the button and you’re off!

Here are this week’s questions:

Speedy Cop would love to see the husband/partner’s answers too – either via vlog or through you!
1. Men: When your spouse asks you “how does this outfit make me look” – how do you respond?
Ladies:  Do you really want him to answer honestly?
2. Both: What is one thing you should always do to keep your spouse/partner happy? What do you do/say to avoid friction in your relationship?
3.  Both: What were the first thoughts about your spouse/partner  that came to mind when you first met him/her?
4.  Both:  What is your favorite physical feature of your spouse/partner?
5. Both: What are the key ingredients to a successful marriage/relationship?
6.  Are you ready for more Speedy Cop movie quotes?

Here I am, being shifty-eyed as usual and please note the makeshift skylight in the ceiling 😀

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10 Responses to “Monday Mingle – November 23rd”

  1. 1

    Fun mingle!
    Too bad your hubby couldn’t join us.
    Glad you get to go out of town for Thanksgiving. We are too going out of town. Hubby’s parent’s house. It should be fun.
    Hope U have a great Thanksgiving!
    .-= one cluttered brain´s last blog ..Monday Mingle Nov 23, 2009 =-.

  2. 2

    Oooooh – I love arms too! My hubby had big arms when we met – he hasn’t been able to work out very much lately, but wow LOL.

    I agree on picking battles – with spouses and chidren. Respect – yep! I am with you on all of yours answers.

    Thank you so much for mingling – you are so delightful!

    BTW – you look gorgeous! Oh I cannot wait to see Florida – lucky you!
    .-= Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom´s last blog ..MONDAY MINGLE vlog – NOVEMBER 23rd =-.

    • Amy says:

      Jennifer, Buzz’s arms are the same way, we were both talking yesterday about how our arms are getting “old” haha.

      Thanks for being so sweet 🙂 I can’t wait to share Florida, who knows, I might get my mom and dad on cam too! Probably not but I’ll give it a shot!

  3. 3
    Mrs. Cox says:

    Acknowledgment for even the smallest things are important. Good point.

    I think that one of the key ingredients to any relationship is just what you said in the start of that answer “we’re still working on it” — Working on the relationship period is huge!

    Speedy Cop is Jennifer @ Eighty MPH Mom’s husband, he’s posed movie quotes previously that we try to guess the movie. 🙂

    Those tees sound cute! $5 – uh oh lol

    I hope you have a great time in Florida for Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your family.
    .-= Mrs. Cox´s last blog ..Monday Mingle XVI =-.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks for explaining Speedy LOL I got it from most of the Mingles I watched this morning but didn’t know yesterday! I feel enlightened now and say bring on the movie quotes!

      The Target Tees are AMAZING! I have two now 😀

      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

  4. 4

    I love your MM.. it was calming and beautiful.

    You and your guy sound so wonderful, I am sure that life with you both can be just as strong willed as beautiful.

    Hope you have a great week and enjoy the vacation this week.

    I agree with you about money being a key ingredient, just like the physical attraction. I feel that if that part is not there then fighting will happen.

    Have a wonderful vacation in Florida!
    See you next Monday.

  5. 5
    Karie says:

    Oh no Buzz had to work! Well you will just have to wrangle that man into a video. I had no idea you were in Canada! See how much I pay attention.

    I agree a trick question because we want to know but we don’t and yes Chad is the same. He is very lame that way. LOL

    I could not see you 40lbs heavier! I know I am still heavy from the twins so I agree on the weight.

    How nice you both are starting to acknowledge the little things, I love that. Appreciation is so important. I agree on picking battles, some wars are not worth winning.

    he’s HOT! I love that and totally agree there is no really KEY ingredient but a combination.

    I love seeing your beautiful face! ((HUGS))


    Happy Thanksgiving…so sorry I am late!
    .-= Karie´s last blog ..Gifts for Her: ScentChips =-.

    • Amy says:

      I will someday get Buzz on camera!
      We aren’t in Canada though 😀 We’re in NC but I’d just come from a Canadian mommy’s blog when I did my mingle so thought I’d mention how much of a wuss I am in comparison to Canadians!
      I have a post here of me 40lbs heavier
      Thank you for being so sweet 🙂 and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you too!!

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