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Do you have a product that you would like to be reviewed on Mevolving?

All product requests are welcome and will be accepted based on the fit of the product as well as with my availability to review at the given time…grad school keeps a girl on her toes you know!

I, as well as my readers thoroughly enjoy reviewing your products so if you have a product that you think my readers would appreciate don’t hesitate to contact me to request your review! To request your product review and/or offer your product for a giveaway to my readers fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

Please be aware that items submitted for review/giveaways cannot be returned to you and that you are responsible for shipping costs of your product to me. I also will not offer items for giveaway to my readers without reviewing them myself, after all how can I recommend it to my readers if I haven’t used it myself?

I am willing to review just about any product you have to offer but am particularly interested in products which appeal to women between 18 and 40, students, frequent travelers and multi-tasking heads of the household.

Our Home

My household is comprised of myself, my significant other, Buzz, who makes his living as a website designer and entrepreneur, and our middle aged Black Labrador retriever, Jet. I define myself as a student, a financier to a very unorganized (but desperately longing to be organized) household, an avid shopper, a thrifty minded woman, a refined sugar lover, a “non-traditional student”, a hard worker with never enough time on her hands, a gadget fiend, a lover of all things that make my life easier, and an optimist.

I welcome all requests for product reviews so don’t hesitate to send your request and I will respond to you as quickly as my schedule allows.

Please note that if you select “Product Review and Giveaway” in the form below you should send two products, one for review and the other for a giveaway on

Timeliness and Honesty

Giveaways are a great way to spark additional interest in your product and if you are interested in hosting a giveaway of your product on my blog please let me know if the form below. Giveaways are run for a specified amount of time and entry rules will always involve visiting your website, giving opinions on your product or otherwise providing valuable feedback to you on the product being offered. Giveaways are always preceded by my personal experience with the product so as to offer my readers my honest feedback and the utility of the product.

Reviews and Giveaways of your product are always posted in a timely manner barring unforeseen circumstances and will always be my honest view of your product. ‘Honest review’ means that these opinions will be my own or my family’s personal experience with your product and while they may not always be singing the product’s praises they will never be slanderous or defamatory.


Reviews and Giveaways are not the only way to get the word out about your company, you can also purchase advertising space on my blog! Currently I offer two means of advertising which can be obtained through clicking each advertising space on the front page of my blog. Each of these advertising spaces run throughout my entire blog and as such feature on every page.

Banner ads: $10 / 30 Days – This spot accommodates 125 * 125 banners (should you require one to be created for you I am able to do this for an additional fee of $10, this fee will be invoiced via Paypal prior to creation of your button).

The banner ad spot rotates four banners, if you would like your ad to be the only ad in this spot you can do so for a cost of $40 / 30 days, if you are interested in this option please contact me prior to purchasing any ad space.

Text link ads: : $5 / 30 Days – This spot accommodates text links of up to 17 letters – this is important to maintain the integrity of my site design. If your text link runs on to a second line I will edit it myself so as to make it fit on a single line. There are ten spots in total for text link ads, on occasion I will use one of these spots to promote a sponsor with whom I am working or a charity in which I have an interest.

Please note:

All purchases are made via a script which I control, upon approval your ad will show up on my site. ALL ads must be approved and I reserve the right to reject inappropriate ads at any time.

These advertising spots are not run on a subscription basis and if you require to continue advertisement following your current period you should re-purchase your advertising spot.

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