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shoppingYou all know how much I love to shop and share my great finds with you all but in the coming months I have to tell you that I have some really amazing products to tell you all about and I am EXCITED! Some of the products are things that we all use in our everyday lives but more exciting for me, a few of the products that I have to share with you are products intended to make your lives easier as students, women, heads of households and general multitaskers. As an up and coming graduate student anything that is going to make my life easier is a must have and I know you guys feel the same way too. With all of you blogging about going back to school in the upcoming year you are definitely going to want to keep your ears and eyes open because these are going to be some must have items for you guys who intend on hitting the books and possibly making big moves in the process!

Also, don’t forget that I currently have a giveaway going on for those incredibly tasty and ORGANIC/ALL NATURAL fruit snacks that you can currently find in your local Starbucks and Whole Foods. Make sure you drop by and enter to win 9 packs of these tasty dried fruit snacks!

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