Blush Undershirt *Review*

blushLast week I won a contest over at Laughing Lindsay’s blog and I was amazed to find my Blush topless undershirt in my mailbox today! Talk about fast shipping!  Despite the fact that I had just eaten lunch and am sporting what I affectionately refer to as my “Splenda belly” (that belly pouch that happens when you have a reaction to artificial sweeteners but just can’t ween yourself off Diet Coke) and really didn’t feel like trying on clothes I decided it only fair that I check out my Blush shirt to see how cool these little contraptions are!

The Blush Undershirt is an undershirt which serves not only to hold things a little more securely in place but also to cover that peekaboo butt you get when bending down to pick something up! I cannot tell you how much I hate that all of my jeans ride down when I bend down, I am a modest woman and there is nothing as mortifying as flashing your crack to a room full of strangers in my opinion…other than perhaps losing your bikini at a water park but that’s another story for another time. The Blush undershirt works perfectly as a way to prevent anything from peeking out when bending down and it also serves to give you a fashionable layered look with absolutely any shirt in your closet!

The only thing that I am not happy with on the Blush Undershirt is the fit, I chose a medium shirt which is recommended for women with a waist of 27 – 31″ and hips of 37.5 – 41.5″. It could be that because my hips (somewhere around 36″ although this measurement thing has me a tad confused) fit in to the small shirt category and my waist (29″) falls in to the medium category that my shirt is a little looser than I would like so this is more of a problem with being mismatched on my part than with the shirt being poorly fitting (I appear to be a Frankenstein’s monster of measurements).

All in all I love my Blush undershirt and even more I love the idea of being able to bend down without risk of blinding someone with a shot of my rear end.

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