BPA Free Me!

Thermos IntakI am officially BPA free! The thing is that I have never really been one to buy in to all the conspiracy theories about consumer products, call me naive or call me rational but the idea that I am being poisoned by plastic bottles never really bothered me. On average I drink 2 gallons of water a day and each of those drinks of water is put in to my water bottle that I reuse to “do my part” in saving the environment. Don’t get my “tone” wrong, I wholeheartedly support saving the environment which is why I reuse bottles. So anyhow, my neighborhood happens to be a retirement type of neighborhood, lots of older women and couples (which incidentally is very handy when the power goes out because they always get our neighborhood back up first), and they all buy in to these “freak out now you’re going to die soon if you don’t…” sort of things. Well each time my neighbors see me with a bottle in hand they make a point to tell me that they’ve heard that re-using bottles causes the plastic to leach in to your water and poison you…each time I nod and respectfully tell them I’ve been reusing water bottles for years and have yet to have anything drop off. My point being that people have been re-using plastic containers for all sorts of things since plastic was created and to my knowledge no one has had anything fall off or died from “re-use of waterbottle-itis”.  Finally, however, they wore me down, and I grew tired of the “you’re going to die” insinuations and got myself to Target to pick out a water container of some sort.

I am extremely picky about what I drink from, call me OCD and it’d be an understatement but at our house it is simply ‘just one of those things.’ Rarely do I use cups – I have a dog and unless you like a good mouthful of dog hair with your drink you don’t use cups often (it’s not that my house is filthy but the stuff literally gets EVERYWHERE.) I drink milk from big plastic cups once in a while, juice goes in small blue glasses and water in bottles. I hate to drink from strange receptacles…I know I’m sounding like a complete loony now but bear with me. I was convinced that finding a new water bottle for me was going to be next to impossible, apparently so did Buzz when he resigned himself to checking out yoga mats and fitness gear as I stood gazing glassy eyed at Target’s selection of bottles. I had been standing there for a good few minutes, straw or no straw, must be BPA free, the top can’t be too big or I’ll get soaked every time I drink (yes, I am that uncoordinated)…and then I saw it in all it’s pink glory: the Thermos intak.

The Thermos intak not only is BPA free but it has a small mouth (for those of you uncoordinated enough to choke or spill when you use those stupid big mouth bottles like me) AND it has a pop top to keep your drink sealed AND the pop top has a ring to hang on to so you can carry your new bottle with one finger! Buzz’s favorite feature of the intak bottle is that it has a ring around the lid of the bottle that measures from 1-6 so you can keep track of how much water you’re in-taking for the day…although I’m certain that this was his favorite feature only because it makes a click noise and spins around…he is that easy to entertain.

I’m headed back to Target this week to pick up another intak bottle so I can eliminate all plastic bottle usage from my daily routine. For $10 you can’t beat the intak’s really, and for the guys out there – don’t worry they don’t only come in pink, they have blue, purple and stainless steel as well!

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    Queen Bee says:

    *giggle* You and I unknowingly bought the exact same water bottle 🙂

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