Breeze Comfort Bra Review & *Giveaway*

breeze comfort braI was contacted a few weeks ago by Bill over at Breeze Comfort and asked if I would like to review their new comfort bra. I admit that I was pretty excited at the offer because when it comes to bra’s there is nothing more important than comfort and fit. Obviously I agreed to the review and just a couple of days ago I received my Breeze Comfort white push-up bra in the mail! The bra shipped from Hong Kong so it did take a little while to arrive but once it did you can bet that I tore right in to that package!

breeze pushup braThe basic push-up bra from Breeze Comfort is different from all other bra’s that you will find on the market because it has perforations in the push-up pads to allow air circulation. The perforations in the pads allow your breasts to breath and the air circulation allows you to keep cool. Breeze also uses this technology in their other bras. To date they offer the basic push-up bra which I received in white, nude, black or pink. Breeze Comfort also offers the basic bra in the same color variety, the basic bra is similar to the push-up without the padding. For the more athletic woman Breeze Comfort also offers an exercise tankini in black and burgundy and four beautiful sports bra varieties which you can explore here.

So what did I think of my white Breeze Comfort basic push-up bra? Well being a Victoria Secret shopper I am picky about my bra’s and the Breeze Comfort push-up bra fell in the middle of the road for me. When I first put the bra on I noticed that the underwire section did not reach my armpit like it does on so many bra’s and I LOVED this feature. Who needs to be poked in the armpit by a cotton covered wire all day? No, the guys at Breeze Comfort have this part figured out and I can’t go on enough about it. Another feature that I really liked about this bra is that the middle comes together with a V-shaped piece of fabric to create that nice cleavage look that makes us all feel just a little more womanly.

I am not particularly a small woman and even though my breasts fall at the fuller range of the C-cup I found the push-up feature to be nice. I truly felt that my breasts were supported and had a fuller shape. The padding itself I found to be firmer than that in my Victoria Secret push-up bra but rather than the gel which is inside my VS bra’s the Breeze Comfort padding feels foamy which gives that extra lift. The outside of the bra cups are soft and seamless which allows for wear under t-shirts and the straps are double banded to add a little extra support on the shoulders. The last thing that I really liked about this bra was the fact that there are no tags on the back straps. While tags may seem like a small issue they really are a big one in my book. Tags often cause irritation as well as bumps under tighter fitting shirts if the tag doesn’t fall correctly when you put the bra on.

So what would I change about the Breeze Comfort Bra? The few changes I would make to this bra would include slightly thicker material on the front of the bra. While the perforations do not show through the bra cup when the bra is worn under a tighter shirt and the fabric pulled tighter across the push-up pad a slight texture can be seen on the cups. The last thing I would change about this bra is to bring the underwires together lower on the bra prior to the top of the joining section between the cups. See what I mean in this illustration with my favorite fitting VS bra on the top and the Breeze Comfort bra on the bottom:


I find that with bra’s that have underwires that come up to the very top of the center adjoining fabric I tend to adjust my bra more during the day than I do with other bras which don’t share this feature.

Over all I was pretty impressed with the Breeze Comfort bra, the light airiness to the cups was a nice change from the heavy thickness of other padded bra’s I have purchased in the past. I love the seamless look to the cups and the firmness and lift of the padding is perfect for creating flattering cleavage. Despite the couple of changes I would make to this bra I recommend it as an addition to any woman’s wardrobe, particularly to be worn on summer days and when you have a long day of meetings in stuffy rooms and could use that extra air circulation.

You can purchase a Basic Breeze Comfort push-up bra from the Breeze Comfort website for just $24.99!

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Breeze Comfort has offered one lucky reader a chance to have a Breeze Comfort Basic Padded bra just like the one I received!

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I received a Breeze Comfort Push-Up bra in order to provide a fair product review; however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own and were not a result of any compensation.
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    I learned the patented ventilation channels in the Ventipad enables increased air circulation to occur which allows for perspiration to evaporate more quickly.

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    It allows for perspiration to evaporate more quickly

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    I learned the patented ventilation channels in the Ventipad enables increased air circulation to occur which allows for perspiration to evaporate more quickly.

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