Calming Collars *Review*

Calming CollarThanks to Karissa over at Prissy Green I had the chance to try out the Calming Collar by Deb over at I was completely ecstatic that I had won Karissa’s giveaway for a Calming collar because Jet has always been a Velcro dog (you know, a dog that sticks to you like Velcro?), but in his growing wisdom he has become worse and worse with his separation anxiety issues. Buzz will tell you that his separation anxiety stems from my spoiling him rotten and while he’s probably right…no he’s obviously right, I refuse to treat my fur kid as anything less than the king of his doggy throne. Regardless of my refusal to pay a little less attention to my big guy I knew something had to change because things had only been getting worse for Jet. When he was younger Jet would whine when I left but settle after a while, now that he is older he will pace circles around Buzz until I return home or if left home alone he will sit with his head on my desk leaving me copious amounts of drool – which incidentally gets really old really fast. So I began my search for a resolution to the Jester’s anxiety issues that did not involve doggy Valium.

The first thing we tried was a little disk sold by one of those “big companies” that clips right on to Jet’s collar and emits a calming scent. Two days after clipping the disk on to his collar we found the center piece of the collar charm on the carpet and the drool issue was no better. You see the problem with the disk is that Jet, like some dogs, never lost that doggy instinct to roll in smells to disguise his scent and smelling the disk on his collar he rolled and rolled until it came open and then he rolled some more. The disk was a no go.

I moved on then to our vet’s recommendation, treats when I returned home. Treats when I returned home resulted in an even happier albeit more shapely Jet who now panicked and drooled even more in anticipation of treats on my return. Treats were a no go.

I was at a total loss, and then I saw Karissa’s contest for the Calming collar and thought ‘what the hell I’ll give it a shot’ and I entered.  I entered the contest to win this collar every day and ended up winning one!  Deb at Calming Collars gave the winners a choice of fabrics (and man there are SO many!), as well as a choice of size. We went with large because being a lab Jet has a neck like a bull, and I picked out the “bones on brick” because red always looks so pretty on his black coat, and then we waited patiently.

The Calming Collar is a handmade, pet safe culmination of  natural herbs that promote well being and a calm demeanor bundled in to what I can only describe as a sewn up bandanna sausage of a collar (but so much prettier than a sausage I assure you!), there is nothing to ‘fall out’ and the collars are measured to fit your dog just like any other collar.

Our Calming collar of choice arrived less than a week after ordering it! How’s that for customer service?! When I pulled it from the mailbox I knew what it was instantly because our mail smelled like lavender. I have to admit that I turned slightly green at the smell because I am not a fan of lavender at all but I put that reservation aside because, well, I am prepared to do anything to get rid of those heart breaking leg trembles that my little man gets every time I make a beeline for the front door! Absolutely unable to wait I came in to the house to get Jet and taking him outside I snapped his new collar on – talk about EASY! The collar fit perfectly and I kid you not (keep in mind I am NOT being paid to review this product!) it was like someone had just given my pup a tranquilizer, not the knock out an elephant or had ten too many gin’s on the flight over sort of tranquilizer but more of a ‘had one gin and tonic before the flight and have a bit of a perma-grin. I broke out the camera and told him to sit which usually when we’re outside takes a couple of tellings to actually get done, but no, he sat and he looked at me with his perma-grin and let me take multiple pictures of his new accessory.

The real test will come when I leave my kiddo home with Buzz tomorrow morning but from our test run today I can tell you that this is very possibly one of the coolest pet products I have EVER seen, and believe me, I’ve seen my fair share!

Calming Collars

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5 Responses to “Calming Collars *Review*”

  1. 1
    Karissa says:

    what a great review!

    you are so right! it is like one gin, what I have been saying is, it doesn’t make my dogs not themselves, it just takes their edge off.

    they are so awesome! love em. and they just looks so unbelievably cute in them too! Loving JET!!!

    thanks so much Amy! I am going to send this to Deb right now! =)
    .-= Karissa´s last blog ..Who Cooks? and Food for 5 =-.

    • Amy says:

      I was skeptical at first but seriously I LOVE this darn thing! I particularly love that it’s not the usual answer of a few pills stuck inside a piece of cheese – I HATE drugging my boy up for anything and refuse to do it unless it’s the only resort. The cuteness factor definitely helps with loving it too 😀

  2. 2
    Deb Mendez says:

    Wow — thanks for the wonderful review on Calming Collars. You have a good nose — they are lavender, chamomile and balsam. Just the herbs, no essential oils or other fillers. Jester looks quite dapper in his! Odds are he’ll do well tomorrow!

  3. 3
    Queen Bee says:

    Jet looks SO HAPPY and PEACEFUL! I love the red on him! I’m glad to hear this has, so far, helped to calm him a bit. =)

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