Chicken Soup For The Pet Lovers Soul *Review*

chickensoupTwo weeks ago I entered in to a contest over at to win a Chicken Soup contest. I was absolutely thrilled when I won the contest, not only because I LOVE winning contests but also because this prize meant that I wouldn’t have to wait for a payment to come in before I could buy Jet’s next bag of dog food (no worries, he NEVER goes hungry.) The prize I won consisted of a “Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul” book which will be gifted to my mom who LOVES to read anything pet related, a small sample of “Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul Adult Dog Food” which will be gifted to our local shelter that is DESPERATELY in need of donations and a $30 gift certificate to!

Being that I will not be trying the Chicken Soup dog food myself I can’t particularly give a review of the food but I can say that it will make one hungry pup very happy at the ASPCA. The reason we are not trying the food ourselves, besides wanting to help hungry pup’s, is that Jet has had some struggles with food. For a long while we struggled to find a high quality kibble for him to eat that did not cause excessive potty breaks in the day, scratching or licking issues or had the potential to poison him (remember that outbreak a while ago?). For a good three months I home fed Jet, cooking up rice, chopping fish, grinding green beans etc to ensure that we were not affected by the mass poisoning of commercial dog food that was taking place at the time.  Home feeding, however, soon became impractical with the cost as well as the lack of freezer space so we sought out a new option. Our new option was Fromm Family Kibble.

Fromm Family Kibble comes from a small family owned company who uses only US ingredients in their kibble and has never been affected by recalls or other issues AND it’s a corn and wheat free kibble!  The Fromm Gold Holistic Senior Reduced Activity Dry Dog Food is our kibble of choice and as it happens we ALWAYS order through Pet Food Direct because with their constant coupon codes circling the web they come out to be the cheapest option for us for this particular brand. In total about once every 5 weeks we pay $42 to get our kibble (including cost and shipping and the 20% off coupon code we usually find) but this brand of food is completely worth the cost. This is exactly where our $30 gift certificate to Pet Food Direct went and our kibble will be arriving shortly! If you are ever looking for a new kibble choice and can afford the cost I highly recommend Fromm!

As for the “Chicken Soup For the Pet Lover’s Soul” book, well, I am sharing the love with my mother who particularly enjoys books relating to animals. This could also have something to do with the fact that the first story I read left me with tears streaming down my face! A great book but oh so emotional!

I’d like to send out a HUGE thanks to Louise from MomStart for having such a great contest as well as to Chicken Soup and Pet Food Direct for the great prizes!

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