Famous Footwear Disappointment *Customer Service Review*

famousDo any of you remember my excitement when I received a $100 Famous Footwear gift card after winning a contest over at the lovely Piera’s blog, Jolly Mom? I was absolutely thrilled with the selection of shoes and accessories that they had to offer but if you remember I had to ship back the Lifestride Simmons shoes that I had picked out because they ran larger than they were sized. I wear a 7 1/2 but the Lifestride 7 1/2 fit more like an 8 1/2 so following the EXCHANGE instructions to a tee I returned the shoes clearly marked for an exchange of the same shoe in a 6 1/2 and shipped them via UPS so that they were trackable. Return shipping was at my own cost. The return conditions stated that I should allow three weeks for processing, however, a little over three weeks later I had heard nothing from Famous Footwear and decided to follow up with an e-mail inquiring as to the status of my EXCHANGE.

Three days following my e-mail I received an e-mail back telling me that my shoes had not been received. I replied immediately with the UPS tracking number and informed customer service rep #1 that they had indeed been received and had even been signed for, providing the tracking number as proof. Five days following I received another e-mail from customer service rep #2 telling me that she was sorry for the inconvenience and she would forward my information to the appropriate party for “review”. What needed reviewing is still beyond me.

The following day I received an automated e-mail stating that Famous Footwear was sorry that my shoes did not work out and that the appropriate amount had been refunded to my gift card. Wait a minute…didn’t I exchange them? No, after finding my lost exchange it was then processed as a return. Since I had purchased two pairs of shoes in their buy one get one pair half off sale the refund I received was half the cost of the shoes I was looking to exchange and I was no longer able to purchase the exact same pair of shoes without additional cost. I sat down to write another e-mail that same day.

This time my e-mail was addressed to customer service representative #2 and I informed her that the exchange had been improperly processed and that due to the mix up I would no longer be able to afford the same pair of shoes in a smaller size. I also took the chance to remark on my disappointment with the returns process and the fact that I would not be recommending them to my blog readers at this point due to the circus that this exchange had become. Customer service representative #3 replied to me four days later. By this point the size of shoe I wanted to exchange for was out of stock.

Rep #3 informed me that should I wish to purchase the shoe at it’s current price they would refund the difference to my account. Being that this entire process had dragged out for so long I was hesitant to place another order and at this point the best I could do was get the shoes a half size smaller and settle because it seemed like the only option I had. 17 days later after realizing that the size I wanted would not be restocked, I made up my mind to cut my losses and settle for the half size smaller shoe in the same design as I had originally ordered. Immediately following my re-order I e-mailed rep #3 and told her that I wished to receive the reimbursement since my order had now been placed. One day following this customer service rep #4 responded to my request with a request of his own – to call the Famous Footwear customer service hotline and request my refund. I e-mailed him back with my response – no. After going through four customer service representatives, ordering a shoe that wasn’t the size I wanted simply so that I had the shoes I liked and didn’t lose the money I had spent already I absolutely refused to take part in this circus anymore. I demanded my refund of the difference to the Visa card I used to pay for the shoes and refused to lose any of my time spend here in Florida with my family running through anymore customer representatives.

11 days later I received an apology via e-mail from representative #2 telling me that my refund had been processed to my credit card. In the mean time I received my Lifestride Simmons shoes in a size 7. After six hours straight of wearing these devil shoes that caused my blood pressure to spike numerous times I can honestly tell you that they are the single most uncomfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned in my entire life.

What can I say? If you want your shoes from their online store you better make sure that you get the size you want the first time or else you’re looking at a possible coronary. It’s a shame really because I really had my eye on a pair of these for Christmas.

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3 Responses to “Famous Footwear Disappointment *Customer Service Review*”

  1. 1
    Lori Taube says:

    Wow, I’m so sorry you had to deal with that! What a waste of a fun win! Thanks for the heads-up as well, I’ll be sure to use them as a last resort. Yes, things happen to everyone, and every company, but they seem to have handled it very poorly, and that says a lot about a business..


  2. 2
    Queen Bee says:

    So sorry to hear that the shoes are no good and the customer service was abysmal! I am always hesitant to buy footwear online due to the various “sizes” I wear depending on the brand. (Ludicrous!) I only buy clothing from outfitters where I am proof-positive of my size for that same reason. Online shopping is great….. sometimes. 🙁

    • Amy says:

      I had thought that the shoes were a good name and would fit the same as other brands but I was sorely mistaken…I don’t think I would have minded the whole mess if the customer service had been more attentive.

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