Famous Footwear Review

winner1I was extremely fortunate enough to win a contest over at Jolly Mom’s blog a few weeks ago. I say EXTREMELY fortunate because the contest prize was SHOES! Okay so not so much shoes as a $100 gift card for Famous Footwear! I was also extremely fortunate in that Famous Footwear was having a buy one get one half off sale at the time that I received my gift card! I got to pick out TWO amazing pairs of shoes, not two crummy generic brand cheap pairs of shoes but two super awesome big name brand pairs of shoes!

I am not easy to please when it comes to shoes, I grew up wearing Clarks so I know comfort and with my back problems comfort is a definite must have but I was thoroughly impressed with my shoes which arrived at my door yesterday! You see, when that gift card arrived two weeks ago I wasted absolutely no time in spending that cash on my two favorite picks! I will admit to spending a good two hours picking out my shoes but I was completely satisfied with my choices.


My New Balance 645’s in brown and blue, a pair of shoes I have been wanting for a LONG time but could never justify since I would not use them for running. These babies cost $63.05 with a coupon code but were well worth every single penny.


My Life Stride Women’s Simmons in black, a nice replacement for my extremely over worn Clark Rosebrooke’s and get this, these AMAZINGLY cute shoes cost me only $22.51 with the buy one get one half off and a coupon code I managed to find online!


I also picked up these striped socks because they are soooo cute and I love socks like you wouldn’t believe, these tacked on $3.60 with my coupon code.


Finally I also grabbed a pair of these argyle socks because I love argyle but just can’t pull of the sweater look, this pair only set me back $1.80 after the buy one get one half off sale and the coupon code!

The only “bad” thing about my nifty little shopping spree is that while my size 8 New Balances fit me well my size 7 1/2 (my normal shoe size) Life Strides are too big. I’m not too worried about the return though because my purchase came with everything I need to exchange my fancy shoes for a size smaller!

I just have to give another shout out to Jolly Mom for having such an amazingly generous contest as well as Famous Footwear for giving me the opportunity to shop their massive collection of name brand shoes!

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