Flintstones Gummies Vitamins *Review*

Flintstones Gummies VitaminsLadies and gentlemen, meet my vitamins. Go ahead and laugh but  the Bayer Flintstones line of vitamins aren’t just great for kids anymore.

The fact of the matter is that according to the American Dietetics Association’s statistics only 50% of adults take a multi-vitamin and I can guarantee you the other 50% aren’t the ones that are eating all their fruits and veg every day! (okay so maybe some of them are…) Looking at our nations compulsive eat and run lifestyle (I am no exception to the rule – what student is?) and the quality of our pre-made and fast food meals it is no wonder that so many of us suffer from the effects of malnutrition (the result of having an imbalanced diet.)

Knowing full well that I need to supplement my frozen meals diet and my constantly working/studying lifestyle with vitamins and minerals that I obviously don’t get elsewhere I began the search for a multi-vitamin. Primary on my list was the “formulated for women, everything you need” brand in the big yellow box. These pills were HUGE (I hate huge pills) but for the sake of a healthy body and mind I choked one down every morning for a few weeks. The problem with these horse pills aside from the fact that they were horse pills was that they came with extreme nausea, I’m talking toilet hugging, can’t eat for two hours nausea regardless of whether they were before, during or after food consumption. The big yellow box had to go.

After the unpleasant experience with the yellow box brand I opted to try the Flintstones complete chewables, being that they were approved for children I knew that they had to be softer on my stomach.  The Flintstones brand of vitamins actually come in a variety of formulas and it takes a little bit of research to find the best one for you and your needs. I opted for the “complete” because they contained iron (a good idea for any woman in need of extra iron), niacin (recommended to help lower cholesterol) and a good balance of other necessary vitamins that I knew I wasn’t consuming enough of during my daily meals.

It was only a month or so ago; however, when my chewable vitamins ran out that I decided to give those gummies a try…what can I say, i’m a sucker for candy as is! I was sure that the candy aspect would help me remember to take them each and every morning where I had previously been forgetting my chewables – I certainly wasn’t wrong!

I picked up the Flintstones gummies with bone building support  (vitamin D and calcium) – women in general frequently lack calcium in their diet and with a potential risk of MS being hereditary and in some cases thought to be linked to decreased vitamin D exposure, vitamin D is a must for me.

Flintstones Gummies Vitamins with Bone Building Support

I LOVE looking forward to my vitamin as well as remembering to take it every morning and think that the gummies are a great way to go for creating kids who also love to take their vitamins; however, the do not provide the majority of vitamins that most children and adults require from a multi-vitamin.

Compare the table above with the Flintstones Gummies with Bone Building Support nutritional information to this one with the Flintstones Complete Chewables nutritional information and you’ll see what I mean.

Flintstones Complete Chewables

Quite a difference right? It’s not just the one variety of the gummies that lacks such important ingredients as copper (hormone synthesis, iron absorption and utilization), zinc (wound reparation, growth), magnesium (bone formation, blood clotting), iron (assists in providing oxygen to the blood and helping muscle cells store it) and niacin (helps the body convert food in to energy), they all do!

While the gummy vitamins may be tasty and a helpful reminder to take a multivitamin every morning they are also not quite as beneficial as a multi-vitamin should be. There is nothing wrong with having a “gimmick” to a product in the least – hey they got me, but it’s back to the Flintstones Complete Chewables for me, at least until they come out with a gummy vitamin that actually has ALL of the vitamins I need in it, after all what’s the point of taking it if it’s not giving you everything you need?

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