Gillette Venus Embrace *Review*

venusI was fortunate enough to win a contest over at Mommy Goggles blog not too long ago and on Thursday of this week I found this packaged in my mailbox! Now most people who know my ‘grooming habits’ know that I am slightly ‘weird’ when it comes to razors, I must have one for each job as it were, one for legs, one for armpits and one for the bikini line (TMI or not it’s true). Using separate razors really makes a difference in the quality of shave you get, I mean if you think about it the hair on your legs is a far cry from your bikini line right? So anyway that said I was thrilled to win the Gillette Venus Embrace because it meant that I got to try another fancy razor!

I had been using a combination of disposables and a Bic Soleil which I was given to sample through Bzz Agent, but the Soleil was wearing out and it was time to go! There is quite a difference between the Soleil and the Venus Embrace that’s for sure and while I am never ungrateful for the chance to try a new product especially for free I am not sure that the Venus Embrace is my type of razor. The reason I loved using the Soleil is because it didn’t have that gooey strip that creates slime as you’re shaving…unfortunately the Embrace does have that “moisturizing strip.”The moisturizing strip once it becomes wet becomes gooey which may not be a huge deal for the most coordinated of shower shavers but while I am standing arm raised and the razor slides precariously close to my eyeball…well, that’s just not cool. Again, this is perhaps more my problem with being uncoordinated but still, I was only thankful that I wasn’t shaving *that spot* on my ankle which I have succeeded in slicing one too many times.

What did I like about the Venus Embrace? Well, I LOVE the shower caddy that it comes with! I always position my razors so that they have a chance to dry out which keeps them sharper longer and the caddy that comes with the Embrace is extremely conducive to drying out the blades. I also loved how close the shave actually was. We all know how impossible it is to get that clean shaven feeling in our armpits where hair grows every which way it pleases but the Embrace really left me feeling clean shaven, as in wearing a tank top and running around town with my arms in the air…yes, exactly like THAT commercials.

I would like to thank both Mommy Goggles and Gillette for giving me the chance to try out the Gillette Venus Embrace!

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