Jolt Skinny Jeans *Review*

jeansA few weeks ago I found out that I won yet another contest (I’m pretty good at this winning thing right?) over at Joanna’s blog The Best of Everything For You. I entered to win a pair of Jolt Jeans because my favorite pair of jeans from American Eagle via TJ Maxx are on their last legs and having bankrupted myself with grad school applications I could really use the free jeans.

The jeans shipped pretty quickly but unfortunately when they got here they were a completely different pair of black stretchy pants, no problem I hit up Joanna and within days the right pair of jeans was sitting on my doorstep in a FedEx EXPRESS box – I don’t have to tell you how expensive Express anything is but I just had to draw attention to how attentive both Joanna and Jolt Jeans are in dealing with customer service!

Since I lost my weight (41lbs in case you didn’t read that post) I sit somewhere between a 6-8 depending on the brand but going by the measurements on Jolt’s website I picked out size 7 for the Jolt’s 7 oz. Lightweight 6 Pocket Rinse Skinny Jeans that I won. I was hesitant to go with a 7 and not a 9 because skinny jeans and I sometimes have issue – it’s these thunder thighs of mine, they cooperate with NOTHING. Anyway, I went with the 7’s and you can bet as soon as they got here I ran up to try them on.

Now, Buzz hates indigo dye jeans, I don’t know why and honestly I don’t think he does either but I love them. The main reason that I love indigo dye jeans is that they can give you the comfort of jeans but they look a lot dressier than the more sandblasted look of lighter jeans. I don’t currently have an indigo pair of jeans either so these were perfect timing for the more relaxed visits to grad school meet and greets with other students (now to find a nice suit for the actual interviews!). The 7 oz. Lightweight 6 Pocket Rinse Skinny Jeans are a nice thin denim, not too hard or stiff but not paper thin either. As for the fit, the waist fits me well but the thighs are a little tight which is something I expected from skinny jeans when I am slightly disproportionate in the thigh department. I expect that with a little wearing in the thighs will stretch out to fit as comfortably as the rest of the jeans do. Another aspect of these jeans that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE is that they don’t bunch around the crotch when you sit down. You know how some jeans have far too much material around the fly and when you sit down you look like a gender confused individual? Not these jeans, these jeans leave nothing to question as far as bumps and lumps where there should be none. Over all I am thoroughly impressed with my Jolt Jeans, I don’t look forward to wearing in the thighs but then again maybe it’s the motivation I need to get back on that thigh master!

The Jolt’s 7 oz. Lightweight 6 Pocket Rinse Skinny Jeans come in the gorgeous indigo color that I received and have a 32″ inseam – a bit long for us shorter folk but they can easily be taken up. Jolt’s sizing runs from the sickening 00 (sorry, but this should NOT be a size) through to size 11 and they carry a wide range of denim as well as other varieties of pants, jackets, vests and Capri’s.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Joanna and her blog for having such a great contest as well as a big thank you to Jolt for providing me with the opportunity to win these fabulous jeans!

I am obligated to tell you that I won these jeans and was offered no compensation for my review. The opinions expressed here are my opinion only, others may have different experiences to mine.
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