LesserEvil Snacks *Review*

lesserevil1While visiting MommyPR’s blog last week I entered a contest she was running to win a sample box of LesserEvil snacks. I found out last week that I had won the contest and just two days ago I received this HUGE box of snacks from UPS!  I absolutely LOVE reviewing snacks because with my crazy schedule lately I need to be able to grab a quick snack when I’m hungry to tide me over until I can find the time to make dinner and on that same note Buzz needs to be able to do the same since I am making him work around my schedule for mealtimes. That said I also try to make sure that the snacks I bring in to the house are healthier than the donuts that Buzz would inevitably choose (and boy do I hate that he can eat the whole dozen without gaining a pound,) and will help me keep off those 41lbs that I’ve lost.

lesserevil2LesserEvil snacks are a savory crunchy snack that help you fill those afternoon cravings without blowing your calorie count for the day! The box I received was filled with 24 “small” bags of each variety of snacks! I received Black and White Kettle Corn, Kettle Corn, Veggie Krinkle Sticks and Krinkle Sticks (like potato chips). Being that the box arrived in the early afternoon it was just in time for snacktime so I reached in and grabbed a bag of Veggie Krinkle Sticks. I love soy chips and other veggie chip brands so I was certain that I’d love these and I wasn’t wrong. The Veggie Krinkle Sticks were certainly a lot denser than *other brands* of veggie chips that I’ve purchased in the past and they left me feeling full and best of all I didn’t feel sick like I would have had I gone for a bag of sweets instead (which is my usual inclination.)

I had Buzz give the Kettle Corn a try because traditionally I just can’t stand the taste of kettle corn but he absolutely loves the stuff but when he offered me a piece insisting that I would love it I got tired of fighting him off and took a piece. I’m glad I did. I was expecting the Kettle Corn to taste like that sweet yet salty popcorn taste – you know the taste, either you love it or hate it and I hate it. It didn’t. The LesserEvil Kettle Corn tasted JUST like caramel popcorn, it had that sweetness without the saltiness and the only way I could tell the difference was because the sweetness was tempered and not that overpowering sticky, need a glass of water now, experience.

The only disappointment I had with the LesserEvil snacks is the same disappointment I have with many snacks these days – serving size. While the bag touts only ‘110 calories per serving,’ what it doesn’t tell you is that one serving is NOT one bag. One bag is, in fact, 1.2 servings. I absolutely HATE when companies do this because when I grab a bag of snacks I don’t carry my measuring cup around with me. How am I to know that what .2 of a serving is? And how am I supposed to STOP eating a bag of snacks once I start? One bag of LesserEvil Veggie Krinkle Sticks is 132 calories and 3 grams of fat, but that being said you would be hard pressed to find such a delicious and filling snack with the benefits of veggies and whole grains packed in to 132 calories!

If you haven’t tried LesserEvil Snacks yet I highly recommend them, especially if you are like me and get those mid-afternoon hunger pangs and are always tempted to wreck your day of hard work counting calories with the nearest and sweetest snack handy. You can pick up LesserEvil snacks from your local Whole Foods or Safeway, or you can locate a local supplier here!

I’d like to thank MommyPR for having such a great contest and LesserEvil Snacks for providing me with the chance to taste their nutritious and delicious snacks!

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5 Responses to “LesserEvil Snacks *Review*”

  1. 1
    Angela says:

    This looks wonderful!!! Thank you so much for linking back to us and writing a simply perfect review!
    .-= Angela´s last blog ..Update #3: 90 Day Fitness Challenge (10 Minute Trainer) =-.

  2. 2
    DG says:

    I honestly think the key to good snacks is to not overdo it. But these look yummy so thanks for reviewing them 🙂 I love kettle corn too!

  3. 3

    amy –

    thanks for the shout out… we’re so thrilled you enjoyed the LesserEvil goods! keep up the awesome Snackcident Prevention!


    a.k.a. the chief storyteller

    • Amy says:

      Thank you for the snacks to review! I just finished a bag with lunch actually and enjoyed every last one 😀 I also have to tell you that the box you guys shipped in is by far the COOLEST box I’ve ever seen!

  4. 4
    yefi says:

    always up for snacks that wont turn me into the obese augustus from roald dahl’s children’s horror book (loooove it!) thanks for the recommendation!

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