MagHound Magazines *Review*

maghoundLast month I was visiting Lisa’s blog over at Lisa Reviews and entered her contest to win a year long membership to MagHound’s magazine service! As you might guess from this post I won one of the memberships she was giving away and I am so excited! About five or six months ago I had signed up for a MagHound membership under their free month promotion but when the free month came to an end it coincided with budget cuts in the household so I couldn’t continue the membership even though I was completely besotted with it.

What I love the most about MagHound is that for just $4.95 a month you can get a membership to THREE magazines of your choice from their large database of magazines. Even better than that you can pick substitute magazines so if one of your three choices is a a bimonthly magazine (like my pick of Psychology Today) you will still get a magazine for off months! They simply replace the off month with your substitute choice!

MagHound wrote to me not long after my win giving me the login information so I could set up the three magazines of my choice as well as my substitute choices. The three magazines I picked are the same three I picked when I had my free month trial – Smithsonian, Discover and Psychology today with an Entertainment Weekly as a backup (hey you need a junky mag in there too once in a while!) I am a real nerd when it comes to reading about life and science, although Psychology Today reads much more like a gossip mag for topics like sex, attraction, jealousy and guilt but either way it makes for a good article once in a  while.

While I don’t have my magazines from this subscription yet I just couldn’t wait any longer to share with you guys because MagHound is such a great idea! If you’re looking for more than three magazines you can bump your subscription to five magazines for $7.95, seven magazines for $9.95 or if you want more than seven you just add $1 more for each additional magazine. For people who love to read magazines and find themselves picking up at least one from the checkout each week then this is a great service to consider. I am a great fan of anything money saving and I can honestly tell you that this is a huge money saver!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Lisa Reviews for having such a great contest and to MagHound for donating such a great prize for Lisa’s contest!

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3 Responses to “MagHound Magazines *Review*”

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    DG says:

    I guess this is good for magazines such as Psychology Today as you mentioned but for magazines such as Glamour, Elle, etc it probably isn’t worth it since their annual subscription prices are really low.

    • Amy says:

      Well the really great thing about MagHound which I totally forgot to mention above is that you can switch your magazine choices whenever you like without paying an additional fee! So if you want a different magazine choice next month you just log in to your MagHound account and pick new choices!

      • yefi says:

        seems like everyone’s asking my q’s as well. love mags so this seems like a good program to use for a mag junkie~

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