Moving Comfort Sports Bra *Review*

Moving Comfort Sports BraRemember how I was telling you all about how I lost over 40lbs? Well part of keeping that weight off is getting my butt in to the gym at least three times a week as well as yoga and Pilate’s another two days a week at home combined with eating right. Lately though, my gym routine of weight lifting and cardio became solely cardio in whatever time I have been able to snag between study sessions for the GRE. Since that snaggable time has been minimal at best I have been parking my butt on an elliptical in my gym’s cardio theater (the gym used to be a movie theater and they kept one screen intact and replaced seats with ellipticals, bikes and more ellipticals) to get in a little “getaway” time with a movie – talk about making the best of what you’ve got!

The thing is that I knew when I was running before that I didn’t have enough support for “the girls”, I never actually realized it as much when I was on the elliptical but when I was running? We’re talking pain and the possibility of two black eyes….well more like collarbones now that the girls and I have shrunk a few sizes. It wasn’t until I won a Moving Comfort sports bra from A Happy Hippy Mom that I realized just how poorly my current sports bra was performing.

My previous sports bra was from Target, it cost me a grand total of $8 on sale and runs at size “medium”. This particular brand’s medium stretches quite a bit and also forms that unsettling flattened uni-boob look that makes your breasts look like you are 13 again. When I was given the chance by A Happy Hippy Mom to pick out a Moving Comfort sports bra I made sure to browse the entire store. I would never and I repeat NEVER have had the chance to try out these amazing sports bra’s had it not been for winning a contest for the simple reason that I’m cheap and these puppies run at around $40 a piece…now I know better.

The sports bra I chose from Moving Comfort was the Chloe A/B bra, the important thing to know here is that I am not an A/B, in fact I am a C/D depending on whose store I end up in (I swear Victoria Secret bumps their bra’s up a size to make us feel more endowed.) The reason I went with the Chloe bra is because a) it’s gorgeous, and b) while the bra is recommended for M (34AB-36A) I (being a 34C/D) needed something a little tighter to keep the girls in place. Did you know that the Coopers ligaments in your breasts can  become stretched by insufficient support and therefore cause that horrid sagging that we all worry about with age? Well this is exactly why I went smaller with my new sports bra.

When my Moving Comfort sports bra arrived yesterday I couldn’t wait, literally running upstairs to try it on as soon as I got home while Buzz yelled after me asking if I needed the camera to share pics…umm no honey! To my amazement I had made the right decision in sizing (I have a terrible track record of picking the wrong size in everything!). The bra fit snugly but not so tight that it caused overflow in any areas, there was no skin fold showing over the straps chastising me for getting a size too small and to my extreme excitement, my breasts were back. Yup, you heard me, the Moving Comfort Chloe bra does NOT give you the uni-boob, in fact it almost accentuates cleavage.

I gave my Chloe bra a real test today with my stress relief cardio hour at the gym and as the elliptical strides got faster I noticed just how secure the girls really were. It’s funny that even though you know that $8 sports bra isn’t the best support you don’t really notice how poor the support really is until you find a really good, supportive sports bra to replace it. I’m telling you that for that entire hour on the elliptical I went just as fast as my little legs could go and the girls stayed perfectly in place and not only that but they looked good at the same time! Now I’m not the type of girl who goes to the gym in nothing but a sports bra and a ridiculously tight pair of Lycra shorts that show off things that no one needs to see, but even under my baggy t-shirt my girls looked good and that, ladies, is confidence!

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