Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream *Review*

neutrogena-handcreamIf there is one single health and beauty product that I could not live without there is no doubt that it would be Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

Let me digress for a moment and tell you that while I was in college I worked at a call center, answering phones all day. My college happened to be located in a small town situated in the mountains of NC that ever so perfectly trapped icy winds that ripped at your skin and chapped every inch of your body. One day in particular my hands were so chapped from the wind that they were cracked and bleeding and I looked something like a leper. I just couldn’t answer one more phone and so I took my chapstick and – yep, I did – I smeared chapstick ALL over my hands. Now chapstick to the hands was gross but it did the trick. Had I known about Neutrogena’s Norwegian Formula Hand Cream at the time I would have most certainly tried it but regretfully I didn’t. I didn’t dare try any other lotion at the time because boy did they sting like you wouldn’t believe and while I believe that Vaseline would probably have done the trick, you try holding a telephone with Vaseline hands! Now that I do use the Norwegian Formula Hand Cream I can tell you with confidence and from experience that this amazing healing lotion is exactly like chapstick for your hands, only it dries.

Neutrogena has long been one of my favorite brands for facial cleansers because of the gentle formulas they use and the fact that I have very sensitive skin and they certainly didn’t miss the mark with their hand creams either. The cream itself resembles a paste when you first squeeze it from the bottle, a clear thick paste – remember only to use a TINY dab, an entire bottle will last about 200 applications! The usual first response when feeling this cream on your skin is “oh gross it’s too thick” but stick with it because that thick stickiness doesn’t last. With only a dab of cream on each hand your hands will only feel sticky for a few minutes until the cream is completely absorbed – I recommend applying it to the back of the hands first and rubbing it in with the opposite palm. The momentary stickiness is most certainly worth the prevention of painful chapped hands. I apply it every single night before bed also so this stickiness is less bothersome than it would be should I apply during the day. An additional benefit of using this rich cream on your hands is that it slows aging of your hands as well!

Within the last few months Neutrogena tinkered with the formula for their Norwegian Hand Cream but I am extremely happy to report that it is certainly better than it previously was with the slight changes they have implemented. The new bottle allows flip top application which is miles better than the screw top they were using – have you ever tried to screw on a cap with freshly lotioned hands? The new formula also has a fresh scent to it (you can buy unscented if you prefer) which, without being too overpowering, leaves you feeling clean. Lastly the new changes bring a quicker drying formula which was something that Buzz would constantly complain about when I had too much lotion and shared the residual from my hands to his.

Neutrogena’s Norwegian Hand Cream is available through most large name drug stores and mega-stores, I usually pick mine up from Target for just under $5 each but if you prefer to buy in bulk you can pick up a three pack from Amazon for $13.99 that will most certainly last you throughout the winter.

I am obligated to tell you that I was in no way compensated for this post, the opinions expressed are my own and others opinions may differ.
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    Jessie C. says:

    This is my all time faved hand cream. It is not the fancy one but the best one I’ve used.

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