Pet ID For Me *Review*

petid1A few weeks ago I entered a contest over at Sweet Dog Organics to win a collar tag from Pet ID For Me for Jet and as luck would have it I won! Debbie at Sweet Dog Organics sent me an e-mail right away and told me that Pet ID For Me would be in touch as soon as possible to get my information and she wasn’t kidding! It didn’t take long for Jason from Pet ID For Me to contact me to ask for Jet’s details for his collar tag!

The whole concept behind Pet ID For Me is to provide something akin to your driving license for your dog! These small cards fit right on to your pup’s collar and provide all the basic information that anyone would want to know about your dog if *God forbid* he or she go a-wandering. I was a little worried about the size of the cards when I was surfing the website but when Jet’s tags came in the mail at the end of last week they were actually the PERFECT size! Even better than that because they are laminated plastic the tag serves to seperate Jet’s jangling tags!

Since I couldn’t get a great picture of Jet’s tag (the camera didn’t feel like cooperating) I made up a pretend tag on Pet ID For Me’s website to show you just what Jet’s tag looks like! Our tag is based on the NC driving license design but the website offers a multitude of designs including states AND non-profit agencies! Our order came with two identical collar tags as well as two larger magnetic replicas of the tags which we are keeping on our fridge in case we should ever need to locate our boy by asking neighbors if they have seen him if *God forbid* he goes missing.

jetWe have never *knock on wood* had even so much as a close call with jet running away, he is just not that dog. Jet was trained exceedingly well, neutered at a young age and basically he knows how good he has it at home with his every need catered to but should he ever decide to take himself on a play date I feel slightly more secure knowing that he has his own little ID card attached to his collar.

Pet ID For Me cards are available at for $20 and are customized with all of your dog’s information as you input it on the site!

I would like to say a huge thank you to Sweet Dog Organics for such a great contest and to Pet ID For Me for giving me the chance to try out their dog tags!

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