Sinfully Sweet Apple *Review*

Sinfully Sweet Apple CompanyAs you know by now I love entering contests to try out new products as well as compensate for my lack of income while I am undertaking the grad school entry process (hey you can win Christmas gifts for people you know.) So anyhoo I entered a contest over at One 2 Try (I told you it’s a great blog, I have now won TWO fabulous gifts at Rita’s blog!) to win an apple from the Sinfully Sweet Apple Company. Knowing my inability to resist anything with the slightest trace of refined sugar you know that I was thrilled when I won my choice of any one apple at Sinfully Sweet!

I had Buzz help me pick out any apple from their online storefront and he settled on the Cherry Chocolate Chip, telling me that it would make the prettiest picture on my blog – sweet right? So we got our order in for the absolutely delicious looking Cherry Chocolate Chip covered apple. The Cherry Chocolate Chip apple is “A caramel apple dipped in cherry flavored white chocolate, rolled in crushed cookies and mini chocolate chips.  Drizzled with red chocolate and topped off with cherry gummies and MAN THEY WEREN’T KIDDING! When our apple arrived here two days ago it was identical to the one pictured on the website, not only that but it arrived with not a chocolate chip out of place!

I should tell you here that between the time that we ordered the apple and the time that it arrived, every single time FedEx or UPS would come to the door Buzz would come rolling down the stairs shouting “IS IT THE APPLE? IS IT THE APPLE?” – yeah, and I’m the one with a crazed sweet tooth! I don’t blame him though because as soon as I unpacked that sucker from the box my eyes lit up and I just wanted to tear right in to it but being a good girl I waited until after dinner. When we did finally open the apple, which comes in a nifty square case with the apple stick coming out of the top so you don’t have to reach in and get super sticky, I was a little unsure on cutting it. I was pretty darn sure that I wasn’t diving in to this puppy nose first, not with my teeth breaking record, so I opted to cut it but I was worried about all the “pretty stuff” falling off. Taking the biggest knife I could find I started by chopping it in half and then in to smaller sections and to my surprise very little of the sugary sweet candy from the outside of the apple fell off!

apple2The second surprise came when I bit in to the apple. I used to eat a lot of “candy apples” as a child – although we call them toffee apples…which would imply a coating of toffee which is actually not so, but I digress…the point is that I was expecting that overpowering stickiness, that sweetness that is almost too much for me, the biggest sugar fiend you will ever meet, but I was pleasantly surprised. As I bit in to my slice of apple I first tasted that tart Granny Smith apple and then the compliment of just enough buttery caramel to take the edge off the tartness and then the cherry flavored white chocolate and the chocolate chips rounded it out with a moderately sweet and creamy aftertaste. There was no sugar shock like you find with regular candy apples, no sticky vocals after taking a mouthful like you find with a caramel covered apple, just a moderately sweet yet extremely tasty candied apple snack.

pinkappleSo what else do I love about these Sinfully Sweet apples besides their perfect balance of sweetness? Well the price sure isn’t bad! Ranging from $4 – $6 Sinfully Sweet’s apples beat out those tasty apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory that most certainly break the bank! Plus Sinfully Sweet Apples also do special event designs on apples so if you have a party coming up and are looking for a special sweet little treat to round out the day make sure you take a look at the different selection of apples they make as well as all the nifty little things they can do with them too!

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Rita at for running yet another amazing contest as well as a huge thank you to Sinfully Sweet Apples for putting up the delicious prize for Rita’s contest! I never would have found you otherwise!

I am obligated to tell you that I received no compensation for this review and that the opinion stated here is my own.
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    DG says:

    It’s uber delicious looking! I actually gave a friend of mine a candy apple one year for Christmas. Was I cheap? nope. It cost $25 and was huge and she enjoyed it for many days to come. That apple is making my mouth water!

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