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Raise Your Hand If You Love Bargains!
It dawned on me this morning that for the past few days my posting has been somewhat...well sad. Uncharacteristically for me I had been focusing on the negative things, the
KC Los Angeles Amor Tee *Review*
One of my favorite things to review is clothing because - well, besides the fact that everyone needs clothing, this is the one aspect of returning to school that has
Jolt Skinny Jeans *Review*
A few weeks ago I found out that I won yet another contest (I'm pretty good at this winning thing right?) over at Joanna's blog The Best of Everything For
Blush Undershirt *Review*
Last week I won a contest over at Laughing Lindsay's blog and I was amazed to find my Blush topless undershirt in my mailbox today! Talk about fast shipping!  Despite