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Ten Great Resources For Going Back to School
Higher education of any sort can be intimidating but when you throw in to the mix the fact that you aren't a "spring chicken" anymore, the water feels pretty choppy.
No, I'm not quoting some cheesy movie line, my mailed copy of my GRE scores arrived in the mail today. The final results: Quantitative : 660 (62%) Verbal: 590 (84%) Total: 1250 Analytical Writing:
Awaiting Those Scores
When I took the GRE on the 18th I received my "unofficial score", from everything I have read this simply means that the score I saw on the computer did
GRE Results
Beach here I come. GRE is finished and I'm somewhat relieved, haven't yet figured out how to let go of the tension I've been carrying for the GRE for months