A Great Big Grocery Shop

31310groceryshopToday was the great big grocery shop. Being that it’s only Buzz and I in the house we manage to get away with one big grocery shop once every two to three weeks. This week our grocery store (Harris Teeter) did a special weekend flyer in Friday’s paper which included $16 of coupons for anything of my choice (as long as I wasn’t already using a coupon for it.) The great big grocery shop means a full two hours of planning the night before.

The picture above is what my pre-grocery shop looks like. A notepad with the weekly meal plan (each meal usually lasts 2-3 dinner’s), piles of coupons, laptop windows open to the grocery store website, the grocery store flyer and coupons.com. I do not usually have cash laying out – I pay for nothing with cash but this week I happened to have cash out of the bank and delegated it for the great grocery shop.

Most weeks that I grocery shop I limit spending between $60 – $80. This week I almost hit $100, with $16 off plus additional coupons and specials I could afford to splurge a little bit. The grand total before discounts and coupons came to $119 and change. Post coupons and specials my total was $80 and change. I love the satisfaction of saving that much money on my grocery shop – it’s so completely worth the time spent preparing.

Included on this week’s list: a boneless chuck roast for potroast, NY strip steaks (a once every few months treat,) Hebrew National hotdogs, 5 cans of Campbells soup, four boxes of mac ‘n cheese, 2% milk cheese singles, chicken breasts, chicken tender strips (unbreaded), Satay sauce, fajita strip steak, salad topper mix, creamer, oranges, a pineapple, celery, 5lb potatoes, carrots, pot roast seasoning, bread, hotdog buns, olive oil mayo, sweet potato fries, cereal bars, iced oatmeal cookies and more.

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2 Responses to “A Great Big Grocery Shop”

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    Queen Bee says:

    A pineapple? Like a real pineapple? Big and spiky? I’ve never in my life known anyone to buy a real pineapple. LMAO

    • Amy says:

      Heck yeah! I love buying whole pineapples, they last a while and provide a huge bowl of fruit to pick on every time you go looking for a snack in the fridge!

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