All About The Museum

Amy and the DonkeyYesterdays trip to the museum was so much fun. It wasn’t just nice to get out of the house but it was also nice to do something we haven’t done before plus the new experience was a museum which I ALWAYS love! This museum not only had a huge space exhibit but they also had a massive ant farm and a variety of animal bones to look at. There were also a few fossils, some rocks and crystals, some body based exhibits and some fun animals indoors like two barn owls and some snakes and lizards. Then we stepped outside to do the dinosaur walk (which was FANTASTIC!), the nature walks which included bears and wolves in their habitats, and a lot of wet land wildlife. We also walked through the “petting zoo” which contained two funny little pot bellied pigs, one really cute donkey, a few goats, a few sheep, two rabbits, a steer, some more goats and a goose. The whole day was a lot of fun and a great way for Buzz and I to spend time together outside of work. Our lives for the past five years have been work 24-7 and this chance to get out and have fun was just what the both of us needed to relax a little. Here’s a couple more pictures, I’ll have to dig out the rest when I remember where I put the camera!

Amy and the Donkey

The cutest pot bellied pig ever

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