Bye Bye Pimples!

proactivMy dad, my sister and both of my brothers suffered incredibly devastating acne in their teens. I say devastating because in your teens there really is nothing more devastating than zits. I escaped with mild acne and as soon as I hit college I got myself on to the pill for a variety of reasons and it cleared up my skin relatively well. Lately though my pill has been screwing with me. To be honest I have been on the thing for 13 years so you can’t really blame my body for adjusting but without my pill I would be screwed. Sure you tell me about the awful chemicals and what they do to my body and oh! the shock and horror of it all…I’m not buying it. I’d rather take a third arm growing out of my uterus than the incredibly painful two week periods every four weeks and the wrath of hormones that possess my very soul…no, I’ll take my pills and that extra arm thank you very much.

Anyhow, I digress. While my pill still keeps a handle on the oil slick that threatens my skin it has begun to let a few stray pimples through. When I say a few I literally mean a few but these are the biggies, the ones that you just can’t cover with concealer, the ones that you can feel throbbing all day even when no one else can see them…you get the picture. So I gave in and dropped my $9.95 on a trial sample of Pro-Activ. It arrived yesterday and I began my routine yesterday night.

So far I see no difference other than my skin feeling clean and smelling rather…well, edible. What I didn’t like about Pro-activ…my $9.95 order which I used a special link for (located here) did not state that I would only be receiving 2 oz bottles rather than the full size bottles – you get what you pay for I suppose. Secondly, they ship via Fed-ex but it’s that stupid Fed-ex that takes two weeks to arrive. Meanwhile your online account access doesn’t activate for at least a week and lo and behold once you log on it is set to automatically renew and send you a full order (charging you $40) within three weeks…great my original order didn’t get here until a week and a half after I ordered and a week and a half before my ‘refill’ is supposed to ship. Nice. I – being super computer savvy and not willing to be duped, set my system not to renew for 16 weeks. If it works for me I will renew with a package I deem fit for my skin. If not there’s no way those bastards are thieving my money with their trickery!

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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